Cycling Route

50.21 km
1,622 m
Climb up to the highest village of Tenerife
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Bike4youtenerife / Bike Rental Tenerife .
December 8, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
San Weee to Roundabout Bike Point1.29 km-7 m-0.3%
Tf 481 Climb0.98 km153 m15.6%
Siam park to Vilaflor20.32 km1,230 m6.1%
Los Cristianos - Vilaflor21.08 km1,295 m6.1%
The warm up4.09 km255 m6.2%
Los Chris to Arona7.83 km507 m6.5%
MHQ sprint MTO Tenerife0.66 km38 m5.7%
Tf 28 Climb1.14 km82 m7.2%
2K SEGMENT2.00 km125 m6.2%
Los Cristianos to Teide - First 15 km14.79 km921 m6.2%
Las Americas - Arona7.81 km519 m6.6%
Vilaflor19.25 km1,159 m6.0%
Dave's bike shop Nenthead Cumbria :)9.32 km619 m6.6%
Camella - Arona3.77 km259 m6.9%
La Camella - La Escalona10.31 km688 m6.6%
La Camella - Vilaflor16.83 km1,033 m6.1%
La Camella - Jungle Park Turn1.67 km114 m6.8%
Camella to 1KM sign0.93 km65 m7.0%
La Camella-Vilaflor 16.72 km992 m5.9%
La Camella to Vilaflor16.69 km1,005 m6.0%
Finish to Arona2.07 km148 m7.2%
Chayofa turn to La Escalona8.54 km562 m6.6%
Finish sprint to Arona0.70 km58 m8.3%
ROM Teide Stage 35.65 km397 m7.0%
Arona-Vilaflor12.92 km760 m5.9%
Arona - Vilaflor12.82 km744 m5.8%
las casas-la escalona6.32 km396 m6.3%
Carretera General De La Escalona Climb5.81 km345 m5.9%
Arona End to First Bridge1.48 km95 m6.4%
The hairpins3.84 km246 m6.4%
The Hairpins Short4.33 km272 m6.3%
Carretera General Climb1.11 km84 m7.5%
Carretera General De La Escalona Climb1.42 km98 m6.9%
ROM La Escalona Sprint0.16 km2 m1.3%
La Longuera - Vilaflor6.41 km334 m5.2%
La Escalona - Vilaflor (stop)6.50 km340 m5.2%
Escalona to Vilaflor6.46 km340 m5.3%
Trevejos to Vilaflor4.30 km206 m4.8%
Last 1,3 km to Vilaflor1.32 km70 m5.3%
Vilaflor (Gasolinera) - Arona (aroma)13.22 km-769 m-5.8%
Vilaflor - Arona Downhill13.58 km-748 m-5.4%
Escalona - Arona6.17 km-374 m-6.1%
Get your knee out4.07 km-263 m-6.5%
Moyesie's Escalona hairpin to TF-1 junction.11.45 km-762 m-6.6%
Arona a La Camella3.65 km-261 m-7.1%
Montana to TF-1 Descent5.42 km-346 m-6.4%
La Camella - Playa de las Américas5.27 km-291 m-5.4%
YEEEEEHA!!2.68 km-161 m-6.0%
El Diablo!1.30 km-78 m-6.0%