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Hell Week - Bear Peak

Running Route

4.91 mi
1,125 ft
Created By
Ryan Smith
December 10, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bear Peak from Cragmoor Trailhead2.46 mi2,700 ft20.7%
Bear Peak from Cragmoor Trailhead - Roundtrip4.68 mi2,700 ft0.0%
Cragmoor to the Slab1.35 mi873 ft12.2%
Cragmoor TH to Shanahan climb0.25 mi230 ft17.3%
Bear Peak from Cragmoor Trailhead (to post below scramble)2.43 mi2,677 ft20.8%
Craigmoor TH to Fern Post1.42 mi909 ft12.1%
Shanahan junction to Fern post1.21 mi722 ft11.2%
Pond to Mesa Trail0.52 mi299 ft10.8%
To Nebelhorn0.52 mi823 ft28.8%
Fern Canyon0.86 mi1,795 ft39.1%
Fern Post to Saddle0.95 mi1,768 ft35.1%
Fern Canyon Post to Saddle Post0.47 mi761 ft30.3%
Beark Peak - summit ridge0.51 mi1,040 ft38.6%
Bear Peak Post Below Summit from Saddle0.46 mi1,010 ft40.5%
Bear Peak Summit to Saddle Descent0.53 mi-1,004 ft-34.1%
Bear Peak -> Fern Canyon/Shanahan Mesa Trail Junction0.88 mi-1,873 ft-39.8%
Bear Peak from Cragmoor Trailhead (Downhill)2.42 mi-2,703 ft-21.1%
Bear Peak -> North Fork/HardScrabble Trail Junction1.89 mi-2,493 ft-24.8%
Bear Peak Post Below Summit to TH2.35 mi-2,690 ft-21.6%
Fern Canyon - Saddle to Split0.45 mi-741 ft-31.2%
Fern Post to Craigmoor TH1.46 mi-906 ft-11.7%
North Shanahan Descent0.71 mi-397 ft-10.5%
Cragmoor Connector Descent0.23 mi-197 ft-16.2%