Past Month

2020 Good Dirt Ride 25 Mile Route (OFFICIAL)

Cycling Route

25.44 mi
2,473 ft
Created By
Mark W

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Forest Service Gate to RSM Bridge1.11 mi52 ft0.1%
Forest Service Gate to O'Neill Park Gate2.26 mi148 ft0.9%
Arroyo Dirt Sprint1.09 mi79 ft1.4%
Live Oak Canyon Trail to Homestead Trail0.40 mi144 ft6.8%
Pawfoot0.17 mi46 ft5.1%
Live Oak dirt climb to bench0.86 mi344 ft7.6%
Horse Excrement1.95 mi420 ft0.8%
DIRT TO CELL TOWER1.26 mi417 ft6.2%
Bench Sprint0.23 mi72 ft5.7%
Climb to tower0.16 mi131 ft14.7%
BOB'S PARTY TIME LOUNGE0.96 mi-400 ft-7.8%
Vista DH (Official)0.57 mi-397 ft-13.0%
Vista Lower Start to Road0.74 mi-335 ft-8.4%
Vista Switch Backs0.08 mi-72 ft-17.0%
Vista Road to Ranger Station0.69 mi-105 ft-2.6%
Twisty tire uphill safe 0.17 mi89 ft9.6%
O'Neil Flats0.89 mi157 ft3.3%
The TMWC Drag Strip0.37 mi52 ft2.6%
Tijeras Canyon Trail-Dove to Coto0.82 mi-62 ft-1.0%
RSM High Scool to High Point1.38 mi148 ft0.6%
Rush the hill into Coto0.14 mi-95 ft-12.7%
Coto to the fields 3.45 mi-449 ft-1.5%
Coto de Caza dr to Westridge trail 0.50 mi144 ft5.3%
coto sprint0.15 mi95 ft11.0%
Tijeras Canyon Trail and Westridge Trail 1.41 mi148 ft0.9%
fireroad run0.94 mi-102 ft-1.4%
Westridge Trail - Downhill0.39 mi-200 ft-9.5%
Tijeras Creek fun D3.20 mi-420 ft-2.4%
Westridge true downhill0.39 mi-180 ft-8.7%
Tijeras Creek - Single Track DH to Canada Vista Park1.74 mi-217 ft-2.3%
241 to Oso(Dry)3.94 mi-276 ft-1.3%
Bridge up and out 0.93 mi-52 ft-0.2%
Tijeras Spur...spur0.43 mi-43 ft-1.2%
Sea Country Archstone to OSO0.77 mi-75 ft-1.8%
Oso underpass0.17 mi-59 ft-6.4%
Drained...0.18 mi-56 ft-2.1%
Swimming down stream and then up stream...1.17 mi-177 ft-2.2%
Full Waterworks0.69 mi-118 ft-2.6%
Waterworks0.65 mi-112 ft-3.1%
And so it Begins0.30 mi-72 ft-4.5%
TrailsEnding@Waterworks0.51 mi-56 ft-2.1%
Jungle Sidetrack0.16 mi23 ft1.5%
Old Faithful!0.48 mi43 ft1.5%
Endurocross Extra Credit1.62 mi115 ft1.3%
Endurocross Mania Thru Creek 0.78 mi43 ft1.0%
I do not like mountain lions!0.79 mi69 ft1.7%
Arroyo-Curtis Fire Road Climb0.35 mi135 ft7.0%
Tijeras to Mission Hills2.16 mi174 ft1.5%
Super Secret RSM Roubaix1.30 mi115 ft1.4%
Aventura Close to Empressa0.38 mi46 ft2.0%