Tenby Aces new route 58 - 25 mile route - Narberth

Cycling Route

24.72 mi
2,049 ft
Tenby, Kilgetty, Stepaside, Ludchurch, Princes Gate, Narberth, Allens bank, Templeton, right at Boars Head, left for Reynaldton, Jeffreyston, Knapp, Gumfreston, Tenby
Created By
John Hubbard

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clicketts to New Hedges2.07 mi272 ft2.5%
Dinbych-y-pysgod - Top section0.70 mi102 ft2.5%
Col du Pentlepoir0.69 mi131 ft3.6%
Pentlepoir downhill - start just after the take away end after the layby0.46 mi-112 ft-4.5%
Kilgetty Hill Climb - From Roundabout Twd A4770.42 mi79 ft3.5%
Stepaside to Amroth junction0.79 mi197 ft4.7%
stepaside hill0.66 mi151 ft4.3%
Luddchurch North2.38 mi302 ft2.4%
LudGate2.88 mi312 ft1.4%
Princes Gate to Narberth (Kiln Park Road)1.57 mi-135 ft-1.3%
Beat the Lights0.16 mi36 ft3.9%
bridge to redford0.29 mi36 ft0.9%
A478 climb (bridge to Cold Blow turning)0.52 mi171 ft6.0%
A478 Climb1.08 mi348 ft6.1%
another templeton section1.27 mi364 ft5.4%
templeton hil mid0.33 mi-92 ft-4.9%
Boaring Climb0.27 mi79 ft5.4%
TAKE OFF SOUTHISH1.13 mi79 ft0.4%
Reynalton up and over1.98 mi-272 ft-2.5%
REYNALTON TO BRIDGE1.01 mi-184 ft-3.4%
Climb to Jeffreyston0.59 mi125 ft3.7%
Jeff to Heatherton2.78 mi-190 ft-0.0%
A477 Climb0.77 mi266 ft6.5%
Red to St Flo0.50 mi105 ft3.9%
Heatherton to Tenby2.06 mi-207 ft-1.4%
Eastbound and Up to the Dino Park0.27 mi62 ft4.3%
Gumfreston part 1 DOWNHILL0.46 mi-128 ft-5.0%