Moonglu Cycling Club Route 18

Cycling Route

52.34 mi
2,823 ft
Created By
Dave Fell Moonglu CC

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hutton Bank Push0.26 mi89 ft6.3%
Hutton Hill Sprint0.30 mi105 ft6.5%
Hutton Bank Sprint0.90 mi108 ft2.3%
A1 Bridge Sprint - W to E0.26 mi26 ft1.0%
Sprint from A1 to Rainton0.49 mi-36 ft-1.4%
Rainton Sprint0.62 mi-26 ft-0.7%
Junction dash0.40 mi10 ft0.3%
Bridge over the River Swale0.73 mi-36 ft-0.2%
The Original Nonhill0.22 mi20 ft1.2%
Dalton to Fishing Lakes1.12 mi23 ft0.3%
Little Hutton to Hutton Sessay1.38 mi16 ft0.2%
A19 Climb0.44 mi46 ft2.0%
Thirsk Bank1.54 mi128 ft1.5%
Thirsk Bank Backside0.28 mi72 ft4.8%
Byland Bump0.30 mi59 ft3.1%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No56 White Horse Bank1.04 mi571 ft10.3%
White Horse Bank0.93 mi551 ft10.5%
White Horse Car Park Climb0.58 mi358 ft11.6%
White Horse Bank Full Climb0.88 mi538 ft11.5%
car park to the top0.33 mi190 ft10.9%
Last kick0.18 mi112 ft11.5%
gallops sprint0.56 mi33 ft0.1%
Cleveland Road Blast North2.22 mi49 ft0.1%
Wethercote La - Sneck-Yate top1.12 mi141 ft2.3%
Sneck Yate Bank downhill - full0.79 mi-495 ft-11.8%
sneck yate bank downhill0.45 mi-243 ft-10.1%
Sprint into Boltby0.39 mi98 ft2.7%
Wandhill Ln Turn to Pub1.22 mi-217 ft-2.5%
Felixkirk dh0.25 mi-125 ft-9.3%
Felixkirk to Thirsk1.93 mi-207 ft-1.9%
Ricky mutton sticky button!0.41 mi-39 ft-0.9%
40mph0.19 mi-43 ft-4.1%
Long Street Dash0.95 mi-23 ft-0.3%
sowerby to dalton3.58 mi-36 ft-0.2%
islebeck to euro sprint1.39 mi-20 ft-0.3%
Willowbeck Bridge to Dalton Corner0.59 mi13 ft0.2%
Dalton to Eldmire Lane1.52 mi-26 ft-0.1%
Dalton to Topcliffe1.69 mi-56 ft-0.2%
Fungal belly buttons can't be nice to drink from, surely?0.22 mi26 ft2.3%
Riponward through Rainton1.51 mi75 ft0.8%
A1 Bridge Sprint - E to W0.25 mi-39 ft-1.5%
Melmerby blast1.35 mi-20 ft-0.0%
Melmerby/Wath/Hutton Conyers loop5.71 mi98 ft0.2%
Melmerby to Wath blast0.60 mi-16 ft-0.4%
Main St -> A613.04 mi98 ft0.4%
Conyers Climb1.43 mi105 ft1.2%
Hutton Conyers0.52 mi102 ft3.6%
Hutton bank from junction0.48 mi59 ft1.6%
up t'ill to city centre0.50 mi52 ft1.9%
clock tower to collsgate hill0.15 mi30 ft3.6%