Moonglu Cycling Club Route 21

Cycling Route

50.72 mi
4,185 ft
Created By
Dave Fell Moonglu CC
March 7, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Getting out of Dodge0.58 mi20 ft0.5%
Bishopton Bridge to Studley Lane0.80 mi98 ft2.3%
B6265 RIPON TO STUDLEY END2.37 mi315 ft2.5%
Ripon - Brimham Rocks B62656.69 mi692 ft1.8%
Risplith climb1.34 mi331 ft4.7%
Risplith Climb to Junction0.79 mi154 ft3.7%
Risplith Kicker0.24 mi135 ft10.3%
Sawley Moor Ln - Brimham Junction1.18 mi161 ft2.4%
Top to Methodist0.81 mi154 ft-3.5%
Drop it like it's HOT0.98 mi240 ft-4.5%
Nidderdale Thrash ( South To North )5.52 mi98 ft0.3%
low wath road climb0.32 mi39 ft0.3%
Low Wath Rd Climb0.32 mi26 ft1.5%
Corn Close to Ramsgill3.57 mi154 ft0.5%
Wath to Lofthouse4.74 mi171 ft0.5%
Foul Hole0.30 mi72 ft4.6%
Gouthwaite Dash Up2.10 mi23 ft0.1%
Gouthwaite to start beech hedge climb3.48 mi39 ft0.2%
Ramsgill to Beech Hedge1.11 mi36 ft0.5%
Water Works Cottages Climb0.52 mi62 ft2.3%
SRTC - Junction to cattle grid2.00 mi843 ft8.0%
Trapping Hill (junction to foot path)1.05 mi623 ft11.0%
Trapping Hill1.05 mi653 ft11.7%
Another 100 Climbs No. 145 - Trapping Hill2.00 mi853 ft8.0%
Trapping Hill Climb1.28 mi676 ft9.9%
Lofthouse Climb (from junction to the top)1.95 mi850 ft8.2%
Lofthouse Leighton Up n Over5.44 mi846 ft0.2%
Lofthouse to cattlegrid1.97 mi850 ft8.2%
Village Hall to Bridleway1.46 mi702 ft9.1%
STEEP-Trapping Hill0.80 mi548 ft12.9%
Lofthouse complete climb to the cattlegrid1.77 mi791 ft8.4%
Trapping hill flat bit0.84 mi200 ft4.5%
TOP TO BOTTOM 3.43 mi761 ft-4.2%
Fast0.83 mi381 ft-8.4%
50mph + ??1.18 mi400 ft-6.4%
Healey drag0.53 mi144 ft4.6%
Storth Pond to Warrener Wood climb0.67 mi246 ft6.9%
Down she blows3.80 mi371 ft-1.8%
Kex Moor Burn0.38 mi82 ft3.2%
Kex Moor Climb Only0.29 mi82 ft5.4%
Bilbo Biggins1.72 mi269 ft-2.8%
Laverup0.30 mi79 ft4.9%
Drift lane climb to Grantley turn1.93 mi344 ft3.2%
Drifting Downhill2.24 mi246 ft-2.1%
really fast bit1.42 mi174 ft-2.2%
Drag to Ripon2.37 mi312 ft-2.5%
Speed Mile1.17 mi141 ft-2.1%
drop into Ripon0.85 mi154 ft-3.2%
studley sprint0.80 mi115 ft-2.5%
final sprint0.75 mi39 ft-0.8%