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Aces new route 62 - figure of 8 Manorbier, S Foot and Sardis

Cycling Route

22.55 mi
1,542 ft
Coast rd to Manorbier, Ridgeway, Rt on Coal Lane, St Florence, DD, New Hedges, Sandy Hill into S Foot, Sardis, Kilgetty, Pentlepoir, New Hedges back to TLC
Created By
John Hubbard

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tenby to Lystep3.18 mi184 ft1.0%
Kiln Park Hill (From Tenby)0.21 mi56 ft4.8%
Lydstep Climb2.88 mi230 ft1.5%
Penally to Celtic Haven1.50 mi154 ft1.9%
Chequers to Lydstep Tavern1.35 mi135 ft1.9%
JamesRidge0.93 mi131 ft2.2%
Railway Line to Gate0.53 mi121 ft4.2%
Station Road Climb0.59 mi125 ft4.0%
Coal Lane St Flo Sprint1.64 mi-246 ft-2.8%
St Florence Back Hill0.53 mi112 ft3.9%
Devonshire Drive2.43 mi118 ft0.5%
Sprint to the Caravan!0.27 mi43 ft2.8%
House to the Caravan!! 0.29 mi46 ft2.4%
Up to Sandy Hill Road Climb0.32 mi66 ft3.8%
Chase the dragons breath 0.46 mi-226 ft-8.9%
Amusement? No way !0.16 mi69 ft7.7%
Cheeky One0.15 mi69 ft8.5%
Coppet Hall North0.46 mi213 ft8.4%
Coppett's Climb0.38 mi184 ft9.1%
Coppet Hill0.43 mi200 ft8.8%
Pentlepoir Climb0.60 mi118 ft3.7%