Cycling Route

47.69 mi
3,354 ft
Created By
Rob M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
DW Wallace Speedway10.69 mi141 ft0.1%
DW Highway - Brinton to Harris Post Rd0.47 mi79 ft3.1%
Daniel Webster Dash1.60 mi-69 ft-0.5%
Wire sprint1.89 mi43 ft0.3%
Wallace road grind3.22 mi108 ft0.1%
Wallace Riddle Brook2.06 mi75 ft0.5%
UpUpUp_WallaceRD4.05 mi371 ft1.7%
UP_Wallace#10.98 mi180 ft3.5%
Wallace rd. Church->New Boston1.45 mi89 ft0.9%
Wallace Going N. pt 11.53 mi121 ft1.0%
UP_Wallace#20.89 mi115 ft2.4%
Wallace Going N. Pt 22.70 mi-325 ft-1.6%
Mountain Road > Summit Rd > S.Uncanoonuc4.70 mi988 ft3.9%
GBS GPS Challenge Stage 24.58 mi951 ft3.9%
Mtn. Road Uncanoonuc2.02 mi548 ft5.1%
OLD VERSION - Mountain Rd (from Lesnyk)1.64 mi427 ft4.9%
Mt Road Unc. Steeper Section1.79 mi436 ft4.6%
uncaoonuc summit rd1.01 mi495 ft9.2%
Summit Rd Descent1.00 mi-479 ft-9.0%
beaver pond speed trap1.06 mi-56 ft-0.4%
New Boston Air Station (From Joppa Hill)0.94 mi249 ft5.0%
Chestnut Hill Descend2.08 mi-509 ft-4.6%
Harris Pond to Manchester1.57 mi-52 ft-0.1%
Charlotte Ave Quick Sprint0.29 mi20 ft0.6%