Barking Dog Loop

Cycling Route

50.38 mi
2,615 ft
Created By
Ozark Cycling Adventures

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bridgewater Sprint0.54 mi-75 ft-2.7%
Sonora Climb1.17 mi180 ft2.8%
sonora/parsons short1.05 mi200 ft3.5%
sonora parsons short short0.36 mi151 ft7.9%
Quarry Climb 1.16 mi180 ft2.9%
Cow Face Climb0.84 mi223 ft4.5%
Dump Truck Hill0.38 mi157 ft7.7%
Frisco Cemetery Rd Climb0.56 mi230 ft7.8%
Gee Money Cheater Bar Hammerfest2.49 mi-39 ft-0.2%
S-Curves SouthBound1.12 mi-39 ft-0.4%
48th St Pull2.15 mi151 ft1.0%
Carver's Crying0.49 mi82 ft2.6%
Harbor Ave Short Sprint0.57 mi-39 ft-1.2%
Johnson Mill Road Back to Town0.84 mi49 ft1.0%
Gregg to Poplar0.87 mi36 ft0.8%
Frisco to College0.59 mi56 ft1.8%