Hotham the hard way - Return from Mt Beauty

Cycling Route

103.16 km
2,553 m
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Simone G
April 2, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Crankey Charlie Climb4.03 km200 m4.9%
BHP Road0.67 km39 m5.8%
Falls first k0.82 km56 m6.2%
Mt Beauty (bus bay) to Cranky Charlie3.16 km152 m4.8%
Bogong High Plains Rd Climb1.05 km87 m8.3%
Mt beauty 6 hour 3rd Climb0.48 km35 m7.1%
Tree down0.66 km33 m1.6%
W Kiewa Fire Trail Climb1.23 km87 m7.0%
W.Kiewa Logging Rd(Cranky to Corner)1.50 km72 m4.8%
The hard grey Road0.54 km40 m6.2%
Bench 95.12 km425 m8.1%
C531 Climb1.55 km143 m9.2%
Bench 5 Climb (West Kiewa Logging Road)4.89 km369 m7.5%
W Kiewa Fire Trail Climb0.87 km158 m18.0%
Bench 5 to Spring Saddle turnoff5.98 km4 m0.1%
Simmonds Creek Road Climb1.11 km80 m7.2%
Lot 20 A Great Alpine Road Climb0.47 km83 m17.6%
Lot 20 A Great Alpine Road Climb1.24 km105 m8.5%
Lot 20 A Great Alpine Road Climb5.14 km520 m10.1%
Machinery Spur Climb4.74 km533 m11.1%
Machinery spur (to tin mine)3.02 km379 m12.4%
Lot 20 A Great Alpine Road Climb0.75 km83 m11.0%
Mt Loch Down Hill0.26 km25 m-9.3%
H.V to Mt Loch2.99 km96 m1.3%
Lot 20 A Great Alpine Rd Climb1.06 km104 m9.8%
Simmonds Creek Rd Climb0.61 km91 m14.8%
Simmonds Creek Rd Climb1.00 km86 m8.5%
Simmonds Creek Rd Climb0.54 km85 m15.5%
Spring Saddle turnoff to Bench 56.03 km2 m-0.0%
Bench 5 descent4.66 km399 m-8.3%
Cranky Charlie Thrash...4.12 km189 m-4.6%
Cranky Charlie Thrash…(to bus-bay)2.83 km171 m-5.6%
Beauty Bomb1.54 km84 m-4.6%