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Humphrey Camel

Cycling Route

112.12 mi
10,003 ft
Created By
Phil K
April 19, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
A39 - Chapel Amble1.68 mi-190 ft-2.0%
Chapel Amble North Climb0.61 mi125 ft3.8%
Chapel Amble to the B33141.83 mi177 ft1.8%
up to st.moritz0.34 mi102 ft5.2%
Drop into Polzeath0.57 mi-164 ft-5.5%
Drop into Port Quinn0.67 mi-230 ft-6.4%
First rise - Port Quin towards Port Isac0.68 mi236 ft6.5%
Trewetha bends0.72 mi-115 ft-3.0%
Climb out of Port Isaac1.61 mi492 ft5.1%
Port Gaverne Climb North 0.48 mi187 ft5.9%
Port Gaverne to Silver Spray0.21 mi105 ft9.4%
Westdowns to Rockhead1.48 mi79 ft0.9%
Trewarmett heart rate riser0.17 mi89 ft10.0%
Trevalga climb0.80 mi210 ft5.0%
B3263 Climb0.89 mi371 ft7.8%
Long climb out of Boscastle2.69 mi709 ft4.8%
Penally Hill to Cafe0.64 mi305 ft9.0%
Farm shop to high cliff turn2.16 mi505 ft4.3%
Marshgate to Otterham 1.72 mi167 ft1.8%
Otterham Park to post1.80 mi102 ft0.5%
Langdon (junction) TT 2 Week St Mary3.24 mi138 ft0.2%
climb south from Coombe0.89 mi335 ft7.0%
Climb Out of Coombe - Steep Bit0.37 mi164 ft8.4%
Golf Slog0.13 mi23 ft3.3%
Efford to upton0.85 mi164 ft3.2%
Three thumpers2.27 mi328 ft2.6%
Exit Widmouth!! Keep Spinning!0.27 mi102 ft6.8%
Outdoor Adventure climb to top car park0.77 mi285 ft6.2%
millook to dizzard full climb1.74 mi459 ft4.8%
White lodge down0.79 mi-318 ft-7.6%
Mill Ball Hill Climb0.74 mi381 ft9.8%
The Big One2.67 mi853 ft6.0%
Cambeak Close Climb0.41 mi305 ft14.1%
B3263 to Tresparrett turning0.71 mi-141 ft-3.7%
Boscastle descent (ends before village)2.59 mi-673 ft-4.9%
Bridge to Switch back0.12 mi46 ft7.1%
Boscastle Initial Climb0.57 mi177 ft5.9%
Boscastle climb1.69 mi705 ft7.9%
Boscastle climb, top section1.54 mi541 ft6.6%
B3266 Climb0.87 mi299 ft6.5%
back road to davidstow0.62 mi112 ft3.3%
Crowdy Reservoir1.22 mi-43 ft-0.3%
The Old Red Telephone Box0.44 mi52 ft2.1%
Hamatethy Bump0.32 mi39 ft1.4%
Beast of St Breward0.32 mi85 ft4.9%
shop to Lank0.75 mi-164 ft-4.1%
Wenford Bridge Climb towards B32660.64 mi135 ft4.0%
Holiday Park Hill 0.31 mi46 ft2.4%
St Mabyn to Sladesbridge1.89 mi-305 ft-2.9%
Knevitt sprint0.65 mi-43 ft-1.0%