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Ironman Boulder 2016

Cycling Route

108.5 mi
4,318 ft
Created By
Rob Gray

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Drafting a semi1.75 mi-108 ft-1.1%
Rt 52 Riser1.29 mi200 ft2.9%
52 Highway Interval0.63 mi138 ft4.1%
The Runway1.40 mi-128 ft-1.7%
Lookout 287 -> 95th1.48 mi125 ft1.6%
Lookout Rollers1.09 mi190 ft3.3%
Lookout - Downhill0.91 mi-154 ft-3.2%
Lookout road town line sprint0.15 mi-16 ft-2.1%
Lookout to Jay1.29 mi-115 ft-1.5%
Coolin' From The Clubhouse0.80 mi-92 ft-2.2%
Jay - 75th to 63rd1.51 mi66 ft0.6%
Jay 63rd to Spine Interval0.45 mi26 ft1.1%
47th - Foothills overpass0.20 mi16 ft1.5%
47th to 28th0.84 mi56 ft1.2%
Lunch Box - One Stoplight9.17 mi-390 ft-0.3%
Highway 36 Grinder - Jay to Lee Hill1.12 mi115 ft1.9%
Broadway & 36 to 36 & Neva2.44 mi-85 ft-0.3%
Boulder Tri Sprint mile 5 to 105.00 mi-282 ft-0.9%
Neva road - accurate, finish before stop sign4.30 mi-322 ft-1.4%
Neva Corkscrew0.74 mi-125 ft-2.3%
36 to 634.07 mi-256 ft-1.2%
Neva Riser Sprint0.20 mi-16 ft-1.5%
CU Sprint #10.80 mi-56 ft-0.2%
Niwot Sprint1.38 mi-112 ft-1.5%
B to A 63rd N2.71 mi56 ft0.1%
Eric Schult challenge 2.85 mi420 ft2.8%
Powerhouse to 51st stop1.15 mi243 ft4.0%
36 & Nelson Rd to 36 & Hygiene3.60 mi-259 ft-1.1%
HWY 36 - St. Vrain to Hygiene Rd1.22 mi-131 ft-2.0%
36 and St Vrain to 66 and N75th6.66 mi-394 ft-1.1%
Hwy 36 from Hygiene to Hwy 661.56 mi-174 ft-2.0%
N Foothills to N 63rd2.15 mi-66 ft-0.6%
Get your kicks3.51 mi-98 ft-0.5%
Trainer Vanacker 2 mile TT2.01 mi-46 ft-0.4%
Hayman to 75th1.52 mi-30 ft-0.3%
66 & 75th to 75th & Hygiene Rd0.99 mi-69 ft-1.3%
75th - Hwy 66 to Hygiene Elementary0.71 mi-46 ft-1.2%
Sprint into Hygiene0.55 mi-46 ft-1.5%
St Vrain, 75th to 65th1.26 mi89 ft1.3%
N. 65th Southbound1.43 mi-75 ft-0.7%
CU TTT Segment #51.85 mi82 ft0.7%
Nelson-CloverBasin0.99 mi-26 ft-0.3%
bump plateau selection0.91 mi59 ft1.2%
CU TTT Segment #11.46 mi-62 ft-0.5%
Wheee0.26 mi-49 ft-3.6%
Boulder Group Ride, Final K0.56 mi20 ft0.6%
Beam me up Scotty1.61 mi62 ft0.7%
Monarch Mile0.94 mi46 ft0.9%
63rd sprint0.30 mi-23 ft-0.7%
CALL ME AN UBER3.19 mi217 ft1.3%