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Alpe d'Huez

Cycling Route

48.03 km
1,321 m
Created By
Pim Auberge la Cure/Chalet 800

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
DREAM_BIKE_PADOVA🇮🇹0.32 km-4 m-1.1%
AD6 Start - bocht 163.16 km242 m7.0% km 10.98 km58 m5.9%
Alpe Du Zwift Compare6.45 km558 m8.6%
Alpe du Zwift Compare all12.37 km1,033 m8.4%
Alpe d'Huez "Vieil Alpe"11.94 km1,031 m8.6%
Alpe du Zwift12.27 km1,055 m8.6%
L'Alpe d'Huez (Full)12.09 km1,044 m8.6%
Fatboy Folly to 210.72 km80 m11.1%
Alpe d'Huez 11.77 km997 m8.5%
Début de l'Alpe d'Huez3.53 km357 m9.9% 2e km1.01 km104 m10.3%
Deux Mille: Bend 21 to 190.83 km87 m10.5%
Faris sprint interval 0.08 km6 m7.5%
20 to 180.45 km43 m9.5% 3e km1.01 km98 m9.7%
Bend 18 to 160.57 km54 m9.4%
Bend 16 to 150.65 km48 m7.4% 4e km1.00 km75 m7.4%
La Garde -> Huez Village6.26 km482 m7.7%
Bend 15 to 140.34 km25 m7.4%
Bend 14 to 130.75 km67 m8.8%
Bend 13 to 120.46 km40 m8.7%
Deux Mille: Bend 13 to 82.64 km223 m8.4% 5e km1.01 km80 m7.8%
Bend 12 to 110.47 km37 m7.7%
Bend 11 to 100.60 km45 m7.4%
Alpe d'Huez TDF Part 3/52.73 km232 m8.5% 7e km1.03 km89 m8.6%
Bend 9 to 80.60 km54 m8.9% 8e km1.03 km90 m8.7%
Deux Mille: Bend 8 to 61.63 km131 m8.0%
Bend 8 to 70.48 km41 m8.3%
Avenue des Fontaines0.68 km54 m7.9%
Alpe d'Huez TDF Part 4/52.05 km164 m8.0% 10e km1.02 km76 m7.4%
Deux Mille: Bend 6 to 31.79 km142 m7.9%
Bend 6 to 50.50 km33 m6.5%
Turn off to Huez to tourist Finish3.02 km243 m8.0%
Bend 5 to 40.43 km37 m8.5%
rf 14.13 km270 m6.5%
Finish Lepape La Marmotte - Grand Fondo 20192.01 km178 m8.8%
Bend 3 to 20.43 km38 m8.9%
Bend 2 to 10.53 km44 m8.1%
Hairpin 1 to Marked Official Chrono Finish Line0.61 km49 m8.0%
Sprint Alpe Huez0.95 km51 m5.2%
ADH final kick0.43 km38 m8.7%
Ripley Ramblers - Pantani Lives On In Bedoin! The Legend Never Died?1.19 km77 m6.4%
dernier virage à donf0.44 km29 m4.0%
Sprint de l'Alpe d'Huez0.26 km21 m7.8%