Past Two Weeks

Col du Sabot

Cycling Route

34.91 km
1,721 m
Created By
Pim Auberge la Cure/Chalet 800

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Vierge D'Oz Climb0.51 km17 m3.3%
Climb to La Villette6.25 km534 m8.3%
Hotel of torture1.91 km167 m8.8%
Vaujanay to Chalet La Maitreya2.90 km234 m8.1%
Vaujany 0-1k0.98 km89 m9.0%
Vaujany4.71 km407 m8.7%
Vaujany Climb to Restaurant Le Collet6.84 km578 m8.4%
Col du Sabot all the way14.58 km1,248 m8.6%
Vaujany - La Villette6.89 km576 m8.3%
Vaujany Church4.68 km424 m9.0%
Climb to Perrier2.82 km263 m9.3%
Vaujany Gd Troiphée4.84 km436 m8.9%
TRUE VAUJANY CLIMB !!!4.60 km408 m8.9%
my Vaujany5.05 km443 m8.8%
UCL Hill Climb to Home5.86 km521 m8.9%
Vaujany téléphérique4.15 km415 m10.0%
Col du Sabot from Le Verney14.41 km1,303 m9.0%
Who booked here?1.80 km165 m9.1%
Col du Sabot all the way from the lake14.47 km1,220 m8.4%
Ascent to La Villette5.85 km474 m8.1%
1st bend to Vaujany4.16 km385 m9.2%
Vaujany 1-2k0.96 km90 m9.3%
Vaujany 2-3k1.04 km89 m8.5%
cocky can't breath!2.84 km239 m8.4%
1000m to Col du Sabot from Passoud Sign12.55 km1,058 m8.4%
Vaujany 3-4k1.00 km88 m8.8%
Vaujany 4-5k1.01 km79 m7.8%
Vaujany to La Villette1.05 km73 m7.0%
D43 A Climb0.86 km85 m9.9%
Col du Sabot (7 derniers Km)7.78 km684 m8.8%
D43 A Climb1.46 km154 m10.5%
D43 A Climb0.53 km87 m16.3%
D43 A Climb0.65 km88 m13.4%
D43A Climb0.59 km101 m17.0%
D43 A Climb2.74 km292 m10.6%
Col du Sabot to Solneige13.09 km-1,068 m-8.2%
Col du Sabot descent to Vaujany8.90 km-798 m-8.9%
La Villette Descent6.90 km-586 m-8.5%
Descente Vaujany4.82 km-450 m-9.3%
vaujany down from l'etendard4.80 km-417 m-8.7%
La Maitreya to the bottom of the hill. Better this way!3.43 km-295 m-8.6%
ThatDamOz0.82 km65 m7.9%
OLD VERSION - Final sprint to Auberge La Cure1.23 km101 m7.1%
Vierge D'Oz Climb1.23 km87 m7.1%