Maroon Bells from Aspen Highlands

Cycling Route

7.87 mi
1,618 ft
The most iconic ride in Aspen Snowmass
Created By
maria hidalgo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
ARC Maroon Bells TT (Starts at Ritz)7.87 mi1,503 ft3.5%
Bells - Highlands to top circle7.86 mi1,529 ft3.6%
Maroon Creek Bridge to Maroon Bells bus stop7.49 mi1,614 ft4.1%
Maroon Bells from Highlands6.93 mi1,316 ft3.6%
Suonare Le Campane6.37 mi1,414 ft4.2%
T Lazy 7 to Bells5.95 mi1,404 ft4.5%
The Maroon Bells5.02 mi1,237 ft4.6%
Visitor center to top4.51 mi1,165 ft4.9%
Silver Bell to Silver Queen Sprint1.02 mi174 ft3.2%
County Road 13 Climb1.02 mi404 ft7.3%
1.87 mi561 ft5.6%
County Road 13 Climb0.67 mi364 ft10.2%