Cycling Route

72.07 mi
4,054 ft
Created By
Chris Mayhew
June 10, 2016·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ridge Rd.0.28 mi141 ft9.1%
Mohawk (starting at Coulterville)0.36 mi220 ft11.4%
W Smithfield St Climb1.40 mi476 ft6.4%
Clairton Montour Trail2.05 mi23 ft0.1%
Peters Creek1.00 mi46 ft0.4%
green man road0.16 mi75 ft8.6%
green man steeps0.14 mi75 ft9.8%
Library trestle to Rte 195.15 mi-256 ft-0.3%
Montour Loads2.29 mi-128 ft-1.0%
Montour 5.0 mi4.99 mi243 ft0.6%
Montour Trail/Chartiers Creek1.52 mi-89 ft-0.3%
Montour 1010 Uphill TT5.16 mi266 ft0.9%
Valley Brook Climb4.69 mi289 ft1.1%
Montour Trail - Climb next to golf course1.08 mi105 ft1.5%
MT Hendersonville West to Klinger Road2.06 mi167 ft1.3%
Mile 25 - Mile 240.94 mi-82 ft-1.1%
Mile 24 - Mile 231.04 mi-59 ft-0.9%
MT Cecil Ballfield to Brown St Climb2.49 mi108 ft0.8%
Southview Climb3.42 mi164 ft0.7%
Southview rd to bridge4.27 mi-203 ft-0.1%
Mile 23 - Mile 220.95 mi52 ft0.8%
Mile 22 - Mile 211.01 mi46 ft0.8%
Mile 21 - Mile 201.05 mi46 ft0.8%
Mile 20 - Mile 190.97 mi-62 ft-0.2%
Mile 19 - Mile 180.99 mi-49 ft-0.7%
Midway to Burgettstown5.81 mi-210 ft-0.3%
Burgettstown back to car8.26 mi-289 ft-0.4%
Panhandle West descent to Colliers5.62 mi-236 ft-0.8%