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6202CC // Destination - Rist Canyon

Cycling Route

54.53 mi
5,326 ft
Rist Canyon in Ft. Collins, CO
Created By
Bo Kristensen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Harmony-College to Shields0.95 mi49 ft1.0%
JJ's to Bingham Hill Rd.8.88 mi512 ft0.0%
just visiting0.74 mi144 ft3.6%
Harmony to Horsetooth Cliffs Way1.63 mi436 ft5.0%
First Horsetooth Switchback, ascending0.61 mi184 ft5.6%
Res Roads North!7.36 mi-535 ft-0.8%
Maniac - Just to the signpost0.59 mi223 ft7.0%
Maniac Hill0.76 mi223 ft5.3%
Dam Hills - South to North4.94 mi223 ft0.4%
Maniac PAIN Section0.13 mi85 ft12.2%
Soldier Hill0.65 mi269 ft7.6%
SH climb proper0.51 mi226 ft8.3%
sh wall0.33 mi200 ft11.3%
Soldier Hill Summit to North Dam Going North - Descending2.15 mi-233 ft-2.1%
Horsetooth Reservoir N to Bingham Hill4.58 mi-548 ft-2.3%
North Dam going north0.50 mi148 ft5.3%
Down the Wall0.50 mi-279 ft-10.5%
Top of the North Dam to Bellvue2.30 mi-436 ft-3.6%
~1k interval0.50 mi-46 ft-1.7%
just a bit more0.48 mi52 ft2.0%
Bellvue Bean to Howling Cow1.88 mi131 ft0.6%
25E (South to North)1.33 mi-75 ft-0.2%
25E (North to South)1.29 mi43 ft0.1%
Rist Canyon shy of summit3.86 mi843 ft4.1%
Rist Canyon9.29 mi2,608 ft5.3%
Dirt Road to Whale Rock1.57 mi384 ft4.6%
Dirt Road to the Castle2.34 mi564 ft4.6%
Rist - dirt road to mailboxes3.88 mi984 ft4.8%
Dirt Road to 2nd Mailboxes7.07 mi1,752 ft4.7%
Whale Rock to 1st Mailboxes2.31 mi650 ft5.3%
Rist - 3K TT Course1.98 mi623 ft6.0%
Rist - Midway mailboxes to summit5.37 mi1,568 ft5.5%
Stratton Park Rd Climb0.80 mi338 ft7.9%
Rist Canyon Rd Climb0.73 mi289 ft7.4%
County Road 41 Climb0.54 mi282 ft9.9%
West side of Rist descent to Stove Prairie1.26 mi-604 ft-9.0%
Stove Prairie to Masonville Descent14.20 mi-1,975 ft-2.6%
Buckhorn Canyon descent6.75 mi-1,135 ft-3.2%
Stove Praire/Buckhorn Rd Decent0.64 mi-259 ft-7.6%
Stove Prairie descent kicker 0.42 mi108 ft4.5%
Buckhorn downhill Bear's Lair to Masonville5.44 mi-715 ft-2.3%
Double Bump and a bit of a Hump..7.14 mi364 ft0.2%
Overhill Dr Climb1.33 mi328 ft4.7%
HT park to Blue Sky descent 0.78 mi-266 ft-6.5%
38E - Blue Sky to Parking Lot climb eastbound0.56 mi177 ft5.9%
CO 38E Campsites to Centennial1.82 mi43 ft0.1%
Top of Harmony to Taft Hill1.62 mi-262 ft-3.0%
First Horsetooth Switchback, descending0.59 mi-167 ft-5.3%
Final Stretch0.86 mi-49 ft-1.1%
Seneca to Westbury via Harmony0.48 mi-39 ft-1.5%