San Elijo Level 2

Cycling Route

31.89 mi
3,282 ft
Slightly more challenging than staying straight on San Elijo to the top, take left on Wild Canyon through the new development to DP road (won't show properly on map). Optionally continue to DP top.
Created By
Heather G

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Carlsbad Curve0.99 mi-10 ft-0.2%
Carlsbad to Tamarack0.69 mi-10 ft-0.3%
Carlsbad Blvd+Cannon+Faraday6.29 mi305 ft0.8%
Tamarack to Cannon1.17 mi49 ft0.2%
AB Flying 200 10.17 mi20 ft1.5%
South Carlsbad0.48 mi30 ft1.1%
cannon park sprint0.35 mi26 ft1.4%
Car Country Climb0.55 mi108 ft2.6%
You go for a ride to the bottom then you see me again0.39 mi-121 ft-5.8%
Faraday - short1.66 mi184 ft2.0%
Faraday - full4.36 mi295 ft1.3%
Faraday - Swami KOM Sprint 0.66 mi108 ft3.1%
alright stop...HAMMERTIME1.57 mi-125 ft-0.0%
Faraday-El Fuerte to S.Melrose0.85 mi98 ft2.1%
Aspen to Palomar0.43 mi164 ft5.9%
Lionshead to palomar0.16 mi89 ft10.2%
Melrose (Palomar to RSF)2.05 mi-285 ft-0.7%
Melrose Dr.0.65 mi164 ft4.7%
San Elijo Rd_Melrose to Elfin Forrest1.12 mi226 ft3.8%
San Elijo Cat41.19 mi282 ft4.5%
wild canyon to dump 1.28 mi-394 ft-5.4%
From Schoolhouse to Melrose1.35 mi-302 ft-4.2%
Sprint to Rancho Santa Fe0.43 mi43 ft0.3%
Short RSF climb0.61 mi105 ft3.3%
La Costa Steep0.69 mi-226 ft-6.2%
La Costa West to El Camino2.12 mi-289 ft-2.6%
La Costa Full (to the I5)3.88 mi-289 ft-1.3%
LCC wall redone for the sanctimonious do-gooder0.88 mi-102 ft-2.1%
ECR to Sax1.13 mi30 ft0.2%
La Costa Hammer West (redone)1.67 mi-23 ft-0.1%
don't get shot out of that Cannon6.00 mi72 ft0.1%
did you smell that?1.15 mi66 ft1.1%
La Costa Blvd I-5 to PCH0.97 mi62 ft0.8%
Encinitas Townline Sprint LaCostaBlvd/I-50.30 mi46 ft2.9%
la costa to bridge0.35 mi-33 ft-1.8%
Batiquitos North1.36 mi52 ft0.0%
La Costa to Avenida Encinas0.67 mi33 ft0.1%
PCH (La Costa to Carlsbad Village)5.33 mi75 ft0.1%
CBAD Bump0.83 mi-46 ft-0.2%
Carlsbad North Hill Roll0.66 mi-56 ft-0.1%
Carlsbad North Island to Hilton0.57 mi-33 ft-0.4%
Carlsbad North Hill-Upper Part0.21 mi56 ft4.8%
Swamis AM Ride 101 Hill 0.25 mi23 ft1.7%
Donkey Punch0.70 mi-13 ft-0.4%
Cannon to Carlsbad Village1.74 mi-52 ft-0.0%
O3M "Jim's Sprint"1.04 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Coast North, Power Plant to Tamarack1.06 mi-43 ft-0.4%
Power Plant Drag Strip0.60 mi-26 ft-0.7%
If you like onion'll like this hill 0.43 mi0 ft0.0%
Stayin' Alive0.49 mi10 ft0.4%