Joaquin Miller

Cycling Route

18.37 mi
1,677 ft
Created By
Vincent B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tunnel Sprint (make traffic jealous)0.46 mi125 ft5.1%
13 access (Domingo to light)0.77 mi194 ft4.7%
Tunnel from Domingo to top4.15 mi1,070 ft4.9%
Asbhy to base of Old Tunnel ramp0.34 mi89 ft4.9%
1st pitch of Tunnel0.31 mi125 ft7.6%
Old Tunnel Part I1.06 mi295 ft5.2%
Tunnel Rd: Hiller Dr to Skyline Blvd1.70 mi390 ft4.4%
Tunnel Road [OG segment]3.10 mi768 ft4.7%
Tunnel from Hiller to Grizzly Peak3.05 mi778 ft4.8%
Tunnel Road3.08 mi764 ft4.7%
1st pitch of tunnel0.08 mi30 ft4.8%
Opening 1/2 mile0.51 mi125 ft4.6%
Bottom Mile of Tunnel to Buckingham Turn1.04 mi249 ft4.5%
Thanks for Charing (3x3 Intervals)0.72 mi157 ft4.1%
Old Tunnel from Charing Cross to Grizzly Peak2.28 mi574 ft4.8%
Tunnel Sprint 010.12 mi23 ft3.6%
SPLIT: Buckingham to Bay Forest0.59 mi135 ft4.3%
Middle Tunnel (Buckingham to Broadway Terrace)1.20 mi318 ft5.0%
Skyline from Old Tunnel to Grizzly Peak1.36 mi367 ft5.1%
Just the Steepest Part0.41 mi135 ft6.2%
Tunnel Sprint 020.16 mi89 ft8.6%
Upper Tunnel (Broadway Terrace to Grizzly)0.84 mi217 ft4.8%
Tunnel Sprint 030.60 mi131 ft4.1%
DIP to corner0.24 mi85 ft6.5%
Tunnel Summit Sprint0.27 mi43 ft3.0%
Skyline Short Sprint1.70 mi-184 ft-2.0%
Skyline descent from Grizzly to Snake0.79 mi-187 ft-4.4%
Skyline Sprint: Grizzly Peak to Pinehurst1.61 mi-180 ft-2.1%
Skyline Run2.24 mi-197 ft-0.9%
Huckleberry Hammer0.17 mi-20 ft-2.2%
Snake to Pinehurst0.76 mi-10 ft-0.2%
Snake/Skyline Y to Redwood Parking Lot1.22 mi115 ft0.4%
Skyline Power Climb (Pinehurst to Ascot Crest)1.05 mi171 ft3.1%
Skyline Gate to Carisbrook0.43 mi108 ft4.7%
Techy little shortcut climb climb 0.18 mi56 ft5.7%
Skyline sprint, crest to crest near Chabot Space Center0.73 mi-33 ft-0.2%
Chabot - Sprint to the Line0.51 mi-33 ft-1.1%
C510 T/Th Sprint0.34 mi23 ft0.0%
Radical's Roberts0.25 mi20 ft1.1%
Joaquin Miller Sprint0.14 mi13 ft1.6%
Big Trees Speed Trap0.10 mi-39 ft-5.4%
Skyline Descent [to Joaquin Miller]0.96 mi-308 ft-6.0%
Down Miller and Down Memorial Pkwy3.10 mi-948 ft-5.5%
Joaquin Miller Descent1.26 mi-472 ft-7.0%
Joaquin Miller Meadow to Fwy0.77 mi-397 ft-9.7%
Down Monterey - Tunnel Sprint0.17 mi-39 ft-4.4%
Tribble probe return0.28 mi-69 ft-3.5%
Mountain Mash1.13 mi-171 ft-2.9%
Space Odyssey1.37 mi-253 ft-3.5%
College N/S0.97 mi75 ft1.4%