Past Month

3 Bears

Cycling Route

36.55 mi
3,286 ft
Created By
Vincent B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
East Asian Studies Library Hill0.09 mi33 ft6.8%
Euclid Power Climb0.12 mi39 ft6.2%
North Gate to Rose Walk0.54 mi190 ft6.6%
Hilgard to Vine0.14 mi95 ft12.1%
Euclid Climb1.48 mi440 ft5.6%
Upper Euclid (Marin to Grizzly)0.56 mi131 ft4.4%
Top of Spruce to Inspiration Point3.32 mi217 ft1.2%
Grizzly Peak to Brazilian Room2.04 mi171 ft1.4%
Wildcat (Shasta - Inspiration Point)0.97 mi85 ft0.8%
Wildcat (South Park to Inspiration Point Parking Lot)1.23 mi115 ft1.8%
WILDCAT - SOUTH PARK TO SPDR 3.59 mi-587 ft-2.5%
descent from inspiration point2.31 mi-597 ft-4.8%
Wildcat Canyon Inspiration Point to El Toyonal1.40 mi-230 ft-3.0%
Lower Wildcat Descent, Toyonal to Camino Pablo0.93 mi-371 ft-7.5%
3 Bears Loop18.76 mi-758 ft-0.0%
SPDR TT NB (Part 1)2.00 mi-46 ft-0.0%
SPDR TT NB (Part 2)1.84 mi36 ft0.2%
San Pablo Dam descent1.12 mi-292 ft-4.3%
*SPDR - Castro Ranch Rd - Alhambra Valley Rd2.26 mi207 ft0.3%
Castro Quick Climb0.77 mi154 ft3.8%
Castroberg climb0.40 mi180 ft6.7%
Alhambra Valley Rd - Castro Ranch to Mama Bear start (invisible climb)4.25 mi308 ft1.4%
Bear Creek Grind (Alhambra to base of Mama)1.55 mi148 ft1.8%
*Alhambra Valley Rd to the top of Mama Bear2.68 mi463 ft3.2%
Bear Creek - Mama Bear1.16 mi262 ft4.1%
Mama Bear Climb0.72 mi233 ft6.1%
The Three Bears - Bottom of Mama to Top of Baby6.72 mi-604 ft-0.3%
KMB KPB Mama to Papa2.76 mi341 ft0.8%
Mama Bear's fat hump0.48 mi56 ft0.7%
Mama Bear Descent0.75 mi-171 ft-4.3%
BHRR - Papa Bear to Finish Line0.87 mi312 ft6.7%
Baby Bear2.74 mi-551 ft-3.5%
Papa Bear Hump0.34 mi59 ft3.2%
Pumphouse Hill Descent1.67 mi-571 ft-6.3%
Pumphouse TT Descent0.70 mi-289 ft-7.7%
The TRUE Baby Bear Climb Only0.19 mi92 ft9.3%
Baby Bear climb only0.14 mi62 ft8.3%
Wildcat: Steep Section0.95 mi371 ft7.3%
Opening 1/4 mi0.27 mi102 ft7.2%
Wildcat Canyon2.38 mi614 ft4.8%
SPLIT: end of lower Widcat to start of upper Wildcat0.36 mi138 ft7.1%
Middle Wildcat (*the key to a good WC*)0.82 mi246 ft5.6%
Top of Toyonal to Inspiration Point1.45 mi246 ft3.1%
SPLIT: ET to Stone Bridge Turn0.45 mi108 ft4.5%
Stonebridge (actual) to Wildcat crest0.92 mi121 ft2.5%
Stone Bridge to Brazilian Room2.44 mi135 ft0.4%
Inspiration Point to South Park1.15 mi-92 ft-1.5%
Round the garden0.22 mi-49 ft-4.1%
Wildcat Crosswalk to Brazil Room Sprint0.18 mi59 ft5.5%
Sunset Lane Climb0.06 mi62 ft18.7%