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Cold Christmas

Cycling Route

126.34 km
1,241 m
Created By
Red Ded

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Bridge to Baker1.52 km9 m0.3%
Bancroft`s 2 Holly House0.62 km11 m1.5%
Crown hill0.45 km33 m7.2%
Junction to Junction - Crown Hill to Bell Common1.52 km-6 m-0.4%
Halfway House (sprint)1.09 km7 m0.4%
Newfield Plantation (sprint)0.30 km5 m1.5%
The Madness of Rhodes Sprint0.26 km-2 m-0.2%
Oak (climb)0.51 km6 m1.0%
Hunsdon Road (climb)1.28 km14 m1.1%
Hadham Mill (climb)0.26 km13 m4.3%
Youngsbury Lane Climb(k)0.55 km25 m4.3%
Ash Valley Golf Club Climb0.25 km17 m6.6%
Down Hall Downers2.33 km24 m0.1%
Down Hall0.39 km15 m3.2%
Downhall Road (climb)1.00 km14 m1.2%
Peartree Green (sprint)0.28 km2 m0.3%
Mill Lane to Moreton Blast1.40 km-8 m-0.5%
Moreton Fishery 0.47 km11 m0.5%
Bobbingworth Mini Bash0.80 km-15 m-1.3%
Greensted Green - Tawney Common (stage)4.30 km32 m0.7%
Old House (climb)0.45 km13 m2.8%
Mount Farm (sprint)0.89 km7 m0.7%
Banks Drop0.89 km-36 m-4.0%
Hobbs1.37 km-16 m-0.7%
Elenas climb1.11 km38 m3.2%
Theydon Garnon (climb)0.47 km17 m3.4%
Theydon Climb to Old Orleans5.07 km80 m1.6%
Coopersale Lane (climb)0.54 km20 m3.6%
Tilnar Cycle Challenge - Downhill to Theydon0.73 km-23 m-3.1%
Escape Theydon Bois to Epping Forest Uphill1.27 km50 m4.0%
Theydon Bois to Wake Arms roundabout2.19 km51 m2.2%
Theydon to Epping climb (B172)1.01 km48 m4.7%
OLD VERSION - OLD VERSION - Sunshine Plain1.23 km-12 m-0.7%
High Beech to Cross Roads Trail0.45 km-17 m-3.8%
Robin Hood to Traveller's Friend4.59 km-34 m-0.2%
Epping New Road Sprint1.46 km-34 m-1.8%
Downhill short0.47 km-13 m-2.8%
High Beech to Car Dealers2.87 km-24 m-0.3%
Drag to the Ranger0.76 km7 m0.9%
Full Hill past Fiat Garage2.52 km26 m1.0%
Fiat to Bancroft rip (Woodford Green)1.02 km7 m0.2%
Buckhurst to Woodford2.21 km-9 m-0.1%
Woodford Slingshot0.41 km-4 m-0.3%
Quick off the roundabout0.27 km3 m1.2%
Woodford NR after lights to Forest School0.96 km-15 m-1.6%
Water Works to Bakers Arms2.55 km-35 m-1.4%
New Road Final Sprint0.35 km-4 m-1.2%
Not Squash 0.56 km-6 m-0.4%
Bakers Arms to Markhouse Road TT0.95 km-7 m-0.7%
No time for Masala chips!0.80 km-4 m-0.1%