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Rampart Rager 100

Cycling Route

101.87 km
1,905 m
Gravel Grinder Race
Created By
Jayson middlemiss

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Santa Fe turn off down to bridge0.95 km-6 m-0.5%
Bridge to Bridge coast behind Costco0.71 km-13 m-1.8%
Pikeview Reservoir Rollercoaster0.92 km-9 m-0.6%
Pike View to RR Turn Out15.74 km213 m1.2%
Sinton Trail to Holland Park1.85 km40 m2.1%
Sinton Trail Hill3.42 km80 m2.3%
Sinton - Chestnut to Holland0.98 km10 m1.0%
Sinton Trail Centennial to GoG Rd1.31 km36 m2.8%
Garden Power Test1.56 km66 m3.9%
GoG Climb #11.42 km69 m4.6%
Bos Godly Bump0.18 km14 m7.5%
Garden 1st climb... 0.92 km49 m5.3%
GoG - Power to the Rock3.62 km-86 m-0.2%
Northern Garden - Upper Climb0.35 km22 m6.2%
GOG - top of first climb to B-Rock2.83 km-85 m-1.9%
Formula One1.35 km-61 m-4.3%
Titty milk dh0.59 km-33 m-5.6%
Garden Dr to Balanced Rock2.09 km-52 m-1.5%
Garden Kicker0.17 km10 m5.6%
garden chicane0.25 km-12 m-4.7%
Sneaky little balanced rock climb (Wattage Bazooka!!!)0.36 km29 m7.6%
Rampart Gravel to Williams8.89 km447 m5.0%
Rampart Range Rd Climb7.27 km411 m5.6%
Gate to Gate4.55 km256 m5.6%
RRR to Tower8.82 km488 m5.5%
Rampart Range Rd: Full Climb18.22 km939 m5.2%
Rampart Range Road2.42 km144 m5.9%
Rampart to Forest Closed Gate4.52 km236 m5.2%
Rampart from Balanced Rock to Overlook17.09 km927 m5.4%
Balance Rock to Williams Trail Head7.80 km433 m5.6%
Black Canyon Rd Climb1.54 km86 m5.5%
Rampart Range Rd Climb1.95 km106 m5.2%
Rampart Range Rd Climb3.59 km198 m5.4%
Mt.Herman Descent16.98 km-631 m-3.7%
Herman Road - Gate to Gate Descent8.20 km-474 m-5.8%
715 Down4.39 km-262 m-5.8%
Mt. Herman Rd. EB2.31 km-82 m-3.3%
Mitchell - Herman to 2nd0.99 km21 m2.2%
Keep It Going Mitchell0.41 km18 m4.2%
Monument to Northgate8.54 km-84 m-1.0%
SFT - Monument to Baptist TH3.63 km-43 m-1.2%
Baptist To Northgate4.49 km-46 m-1.0%
SFT - Baptist to AFA2.43 km-35 m-0.9%
Santa Fe Trail - Northern Boundary Up0.53 km14 m2.5%
SFT - North AFA to N Gate 1.99 km-19 m-1.0%
USAFA North Fence to Woodmen P&R turnoff14.59 km-142 m-1.0%
N. AFA -> South 3.77 km-39 m-0.8%
SFT - N Gate to S Gate Bridge7.20 km-80 m-1.0%
AFA TT2.67 km-30 m-1.1%
Sante Fe S Gate Bridge to Ice Lake Gate2.63 km-26 m-0.9%