WCC17 - Rush (40)

Cycling Route

64.78 km
1,116 m
Created By
Stephen N
November 20, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jones to Lodge4.05 km62 m-1.3%
Hebden blast0.47 km22 m4.7%
Grassington-Kettlewell backroad9.81 km49 m0.1%
DTS to Kettlewell Maypole9.89 km43 m0.1%
Grassington To Kettlewell10.01 km48 m0.1%
Grassington t' Conistone4.54 km22 m-0.1%
Kettlewell backroad9.35 km43 m0.2%
Grass Wood Ln Climb0.88 km18 m1.7%
Pig Hill0.18 km15 m8.4%
climb out of kettlewell0.49 km49 m9.8%
climb out of kettlewell0.71 km22 m2.7%
Knipe Scar0.81 km39 m4.8%
Cattle grid climb0.68 km29 m4.2%
Cattle grid to Arncliffe5.00 km41 m0.6%
Arncliffe - Nab End2.60 km196 m7.0%
Arncliffe to Malham Tarn8.39 km188 m1.9%
Arncliffe proper1.95 km168 m8.6%
Brootes Lane1.66 km160 m9.6%
It's a Broote1.76 km161 m9.1%
Arncliffe Killer0.71 km95 m13.3%
ARNCLIFFE HILL1.94 km159 m8.2%
Tennant Gill Drag2.89 km74 m2.6%
Cross Road to Cattle Grid (Cove Road)1.08 km19 m0.1%
Cove Road Descent 3.31 km198 m-5.8%
Cove Road Safer2.31 km179 m-7.7%
Cove Road descent to end of corners1.78 km142 m-8.0%
Airton To Hetton6.38 km56 m0.1%
Airton to Cracoe8.49 km69 m0.4%
Airton Pull2.58 km38 m-0.2%
Airton clime0.41 km8 m-1.7%
Abbey Hill1.53 km25 m-1.2%
Winterburn Rise0.41 km20 m4.2%
Abbey Hill0.13 km14 m10.4%
Winterburn Rise1.34 km52 m3.8%
Winterburn to Hetton2.38 km47 m1.2%
Into Hetton0.26 km6 m0.6%
Hetton - Cracoe2.05 km33 m0.9%
Fish n Chippers - Angel to 40mph Signs1.56 km42 m0.9%
Angel to Dev2.06 km32 m1.0%
Climb to train crossing0.34 km13 m3.8%
Quarry smash0.99 km10 m-1.0%
Linton Bottoms Blast1.23 km12 m-0.8%
B6265 - Linton Dash1.51 km9 m-0.5%
B6160 Fast Crest0.89 km21 m1.8%
Hartlington Raikes Climb1.91 km112 m5.8%
full hartington rakes2.30 km101 m4.1%
Hartlington Raikes to junction0.17 km13 m7.3%
Hartlington Rakes Core Climb1.32 km92 m6.9%
Hartington steep bit0.48 km59 m12.2%
cote de grim up north0.64 km44 m6.9%