Past Month

Westside Worlds (WsW)

Cycling Route

37.83 mi
3,015 ft
Starting from The Hub (  Find more info about the Adventures For the Cure team at (  All are welcome to join!  Ride at your own risk and be safe!
Created By
Patrick Blair

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Watch out for the speed picture!! 0.74 mi-56 ft-1.4%
School to Sulphur1.47 mi-148 ft-1.9%
@ the YMCA0.56 mi-23 ft-0.5%
S Rolling Rd - YMCA to i-951.34 mi-177 ft-2.5%
Park & ride all out0.33 mi-26 ft-1.6%
Bring the Thunder!0.24 mi-59 ft-4.5%
TMR Selford Sprint!!!0.25 mi-20 ft-1.4%
Park&Ride to Ridge 4.76 mi-190 ft-0.7%
S. Rolling Rd0.27 mi-33 ft-2.2%
Patapsco Avalon Entrance Road1.19 mi56 ft0.0%
gravel road out!0.22 mi-10 ft-0.1%
Exit 21.00 mi-10 ft-0.0%
Rige (Correct Profile)0.56 mi151 ft5.0%
Full Ridge Climb0.54 mi161 ft5.6%
Ridge - Hanover - Race: Loop4.86 mi154 ft0.1%
Ridge road - Furnace ave. to circle1.36 mi154 ft1.6%
Ridge climb (from Furnace)0.60 mi154 ft4.7%
Ridge top to Hanover1.50 mi-46 ft-0.2%
Final Sprint - Elkridge Spring Classic0.20 mi13 ft1.0%
Hanover Rd Ridge to Race0.81 mi-98 ft-2.3%
R290.47 mi-82 ft-3.3%
Race Rd - Hanover to Furnace1.95 mi-26 ft-0.1%
Race Rd Second Half1.08 mi-7 ft-0.1%
Levering to Ilchester4.55 mi472 ft1.9%
Busted0.20 mi52 ft4.9%
Lawyers Hill0.69 mi230 ft6.3%
Lawyers (GPS issue?)0.51 mi177 ft6.6%
bailmeout1.05 mi210 ft3.6%
Lawyers - Landing - Ilchester6.66 mi394 ft1.1%
Lawyers Hill + Landing Rd4.47 mi427 ft1.8%
Lawyers Hill - to the telephone pole0.57 mi190 ft6.3%
Lawyers Bill1.04 mi200 ft3.4%
Lawyers' Hill Complete1.14 mi115 ft1.3%
Lawyers Sprint0.19 mi69 ft6.6%
Lawyers Hill: Crush the Roller0.24 mi39 ft2.8%
95-Landing Rd.0.52 mi72 ft1.9%
Landing Up1.33 mi217 ft3.1%
Landing Road from Rockburn to Norris0.48 mi118 ft4.4%
Grovemont to Ilchester0.65 mi125 ft3.4%
Beechwood Ily to Bonnie0.58 mi-194 ft-6.3%
Beechwood Bonnie descent to Ilchester1.18 mi-354 ft-5.6%
Bonnie Branch down (Beech to Ilchester)0.57 mi-141 ft-4.6%
WsW Ilchester0.92 mi318 ft6.1%
Everesting the Meat of Illchester - Wall to the Grave0.50 mi279 ft10.4%
Everesting Ilchester 1/20.52 mi299 ft10.9%
Illchester0.82 mi325 ft7.5%
The Wall0.15 mi121 ft14.7%
The Worst Part of Chester Being Ill0.46 mi266 ft10.7%
The Second Steppe0.28 mi128 ft8.4%
The Final Steppe0.31 mi66 ft3.9%