Past Week


Cycling Route

36.72 km
517 m
Created By
Gordo B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Melrose Drive (from Hindmarsh)0.90 km-8 m-0.7%
to Adelaide1.74 km-19 m-1.1%
Melrose Drive Scurry0.52 km-5 m-1.0%
Melrose from Theodore & Up Curtin Exit1.37 km-10 m-0.7%
Woden to Hopetoun4.09 km-22 m-0.1%
Yarra Glen Click0.95 km-7 m-0.7%
The Early Heart Starter1.16 km-11 m-1.0%
clappers to lodge4.27 km36 m0.5%
Speedy Adelaide Ave 70.32.18 km19 m0.5%
Adelaide Ave1.82 km22 m0.3%
Hopetoun hill0.48 km7 m1.0%
Adelaide ave sprint0.57 km12 m2.2%
Ade Ave Straightaway0.69 km6 m0.9%
Take the exit0.90 km-20 m-2.2%
Shakey's drop0.43 km-4 m-0.5%
Flynny Charge0.41 km-12 m-2.8%
Lennox Gardens Sprint0.55 km0 m0.0%
Burley Griffin Lap (Comm Ave -> Lady Denman Dam Bridge)7.21 km16 m0.0%
Commonwealth Bridge Northbound0.31 km-5 m-1.6%
Light sprint0.18 km-7 m-3.7%
Lennox Xing to Clunies Ross 1.04 km-26 m-1.8%
North Lake BG to Belco exit1.78 km-17 m-0.3%
LBG TT Segment - Only claimable on solo TT6.14 km26 m0.3%
Lake side TT0.85 km-7 m-0.7%
Lady Denman Dr Climb1.12 km16 m1.3%
Scrivener Dam Bridge sprint0.27 km-16 m-2.2%
Beware The Shadow1.88 km28 m1.4%
Cotter road pinch0.32 km16 m4.8%
Dudley east0.65 km9 m1.1%
Southside of Lake Speed Test2.81 km-25 m-0.1%
Hopetoun to Mariner lakeside kick1.52 km24 m0.5%
Turn of death0.48 km12 m2.5%
Yacht Club Sprint0.60 km-12 m-1.9%
Alexandrina Drive Surge0.32 km-5 m-1.5%
Gilbert Special0.38 km13 m3.1%
State Circle Pinch0.39 km9 m2.2%
Please go green.....0.45 km-6 m-1.1%
Brisbane to Canberra0.43 km7 m1.1%
Lodge pinch0.62 km16 m2.5%
Sharp Leg Opener0.32 km15 m4.7%
HoP third gallop (real)8.84 km90 m0.7%
Smash the cars1.30 km-21 m-1.5%
Adelaide Ave Sprint2.59 km-23 m-0.6%
Kent to Carruthers nice and quick1.84 km-13 m-0.5%
chase the green light0.33 km12 m3.5%
Arundel's little climb0.61 km19 m3.1%
Ergo Hill0.43 km21 m4.8%
HoP - Tuesday world champs1.39 km31 m1.8%
The Wall0.20 km20 m10.0%
Couvreur St Hmmpfff0.17 km19 m10.9%