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German Flats - Inferno - Plunkton - E Warren

Cycling Route

28.01 mi
2,648 ft
A road and gravel route of moderate dificulty that climbs German Flats and Inferno Roads and features a return on Plunkton and East Warren Roads. Add Common Road near the end for more dirt road and killer Mad River Valley views.
Created By
Matt K

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
germanflats to sugarrun2.47 mi571 ft4.3%
German Flats3.10 mi650 ft3.9%
German Flats (short)2.89 mi636 ft4.2%
part of german flats loop2.31 mi354 ft2.7%
Access_Inferno0.97 mi226 ft2.5%
Stony Hill Road Climb0.71 mi279 ft7.4%
Lincoln Gap Rd to Warren Falls1.03 mi95 ft1.2%
Plunkton Rd NB1.27 mi305 ft4.6%
GMSR TT top to the dip2.41 mi-194 ft-1.4%
GMSR Downhill Leg2.95 mi-279 ft-1.8%
GMSR TT Downhill to Finish3.33 mi-246 ft-0.8%
Stupid TT Downhill2.90 mi-272 ft-1.0%
Top of climb to bottom of dip2.60 mi-223 ft-1.6%
GMSR TT top of climb to finish2.79 mi-253 ft-1.0%
GMSR TT 1K2GO Kilometer of Doom0.74 mi131 ft1.3%
eterniTT0.45 mi131 ft4.7%