App & Middlebury Gaps

Cycling Route

68.0 mi
5,369 ft
Two iconic climbs, both (partially) re-paved in 2016 and connected on the East by Rt. 100 and Rt. 116 on the West.
Created By
Matt K

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Appalachian Gap, Waitsfield side, from the bottom5.80 mi1,542 ft5.0%
APGap from Gernan Flats Rd to Mad River Ski Area3.03 mi725 ft4.5%
AppGap - German Flats to top4.35 mi1,434 ft6.2%
Schuss Pass Climb0.63 mi276 ft8.2%
Appalachian Gap (Waitsfield side)2.81 mi1,273 ft8.6%
Mad River to App Gap Summit1.42 mi764 ft10.1%
MadRiverSki Area to top of Ap Gap1.48 mi725 ft9.2%
App Gap (west) Downhill2.65 mi-1,066 ft-7.6%
Full West Downhill from gap9.46 mi-1,657 ft-3.3%
Baby Gap Back1.29 mi282 ft4.1%
hug the shoulder3.12 mi-102 ft-0.4%
* OH YA *0.52 mi-141 ft-5.1%
* YANKEE 2 MILER *2.01 mi-79 ft-0.7%
* TO BRISTOL NOTCH RD *1.26 mi102 ft1.5%
Up Up and Away to Middlebury2.79 mi236 ft1.6%
* RT 116 PEAKS *2.32 mi-135 ft-0.5%
* TURN IT LOOSE *2.53 mi-52 ft-0.1%
* FLYING MILE *0.98 mi-62 ft-1.2%
Middlebury Gap - 116/125 to top9.39 mi1,732 ft3.5%
125 East Middlebury to Hancock15.41 mi1,732 ft0.6%
E Main St Climb1.12 mi299 ft5.1%
125 to Ripton1.46 mi466 ft6.0%
Middlebury Gap - Full Monty (to the summit)8.32 mi1,631 ft3.7%
Middlebury Gap - The whole enchilada8.10 mi1,480 ft3.5%
middlebury up and down13.78 mi1,299 ft0.2%
Upper Plains Rd to top Middlebury7.69 mi1,312 ft3.2%
Middlebury Gap Climb P2P7.13 mi1,165 ft3.0%
Middle 125 Climb1.80 mi335 ft3.5%
middlebury gap5.57 mi1,030 ft3.5%
Highway 125 Climb1.38 mi325 ft4.4%
Middlebury Gap - B1.69 mi653 ft7.3%
Snow Bowl to Long Trail crossing0.78 mi315 ft7.6%
middlebury to hancock5.69 mi-1,158 ft-3.8%
Middlebury Gap East Downhill2.17 mi-886 ft-7.7%
100 Hancock to American Flatbread in Waitsfield19.36 mi-696 ft-0.2%
Smash9.71 mi121 ft0.0%
Granville-Going up4.01 mi381 ft1.7%
Granville Gulf2.63 mi358 ft2.5%
Granville Gulf northbound2.58 mi358 ft2.4%
rt 100 n granville notch to warren7.91 mi-591 ft-1.4%
Plunkton Road Climb0.20 mi276 ft25.7%
100 W Hill to Sugarbush Access1.45 mi-95 ft-1.1%