Past Month
Past Month

Warren and Waterbury

Cycling Route

45.06 mi
3,036 ft
Created By
Matt K

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Main St Climb0.24 mi390 ft30.2%
GMSR TT Climb (To Airport Rd)2.29 mi479 ft4.0%
GMSR TT - Start to the Dip5.30 mi492 ft0.9%
GMSR TT to Rox Mtn Rd, 2.25 mi482 ft4.0%
GMSR TT Climb1.59 mi364 ft4.3%
GMSR TT Course5.64 mi502 ft1.2%
GMSR Uphill (w/o start)1.61 mi394 ft4.6%
GMSR Uphill (w/o start)1.61 mi394 ft4.6%
rocket2.33 mi482 ft3.9%
GMSR TT hill2.20 mi472 ft4.1%
GMSR TT5.56 mi502 ft1.3%
GMSR Hill w/o false flat1.56 mi384 ft4.6%
GMSR Hill w/o false flat1.56 mi384 ft4.6%
GMSR TT - After 1st Climb to Finish4.16 mi253 ft0.0%
GMSR TT top to the dip2.41 mi-194 ft-1.4%
GMSR Downhill Leg2.95 mi-279 ft-1.8%
GMSR TT Downhill to Finish3.33 mi-246 ft-0.8%
Stupid TT Downhill2.90 mi-272 ft-1.0%
Top of climb to bottom of dip2.60 mi-223 ft-1.6%
GMSR TT top of climb to finish2.79 mi-253 ft-1.0%
GMSR TT 1K2GO Kilometer of Doom0.74 mi131 ft1.3%
eterniTT0.45 mi131 ft4.7%
Joslin Hill Repeats0.53 mi240 ft8.4%
Duxbury Gap2.92 mi463 ft2.9%
SNW - 100N - Moretown to Waterbury (over Duxbury)6.94 mi-715 ft-0.6%
gmsr circuit climb1.74 mi387 ft4.2%
GMSR C Climb from high school0.90 mi223 ft4.7%
Dux DH4.23 mi-712 ft-3.1%
GMSR KOM to Finish11.35 mi-640 ft-0.9%
Rte 2 Wbury to Middlesex climb0.51 mi128 ft4.6%
SNW - 100B SW (Middlesex to Moretown)6.76 mi180 ft0.3%
Middlesex TT Out3.98 mi171 ft0.3%
GMSR circuit pull-off to finish line0.29 mi-7 ft-0.0%
Moretown Southbound0.34 mi98 ft5.3%
Highway 100B Climb0.26 mi279 ft20.1%