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Looking Glass Rock Loop

Cycling Route

20.55 mi
1,909 ft
Created By
Brad Campbell

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ranger Station to Avery Creek Rd0.55 mi49 ft0.9%
276 to Horse Stables1.74 mi161 ft1.7%
Avery Creek Climb (276 to 276)7.34 mi1,463 ft2.9%
Avery Ck>Headwaters Rd14.19 mi1,434 ft0.3%
477/475B/475 Loop18.95 mi-1,424 ft-0.0%
from 276 to top5.19 mi1,385 ft5.0%
from 276 to top5.19 mi1,385 ft5.0%
477 Bottom to Top5.01 mi1,371 ft5.2%
FSR 477 Climb3.00 mi1,138 ft7.2%
Stables to Bennett Trail head2.98 mi1,135 ft7.2%
National Forest Rd Climb3.12 mi1,161 ft7.0%
National Forest Rd Climb0.73 mi338 ft8.7%
Avery Creek Climb (Stables to Very Top)3.45 mi1,089 ft6.0%
National Forest Road Climb0.71 mi308 ft8.2%
National Forest Road Climb0.51 mi279 ft10.2%
National Forest Rd Climb0.66 mi410 ft11.7%
National Forest Rd, Bennett to Club Gap1.96 mi-223 ft-1.0%
475B Downhill to 477 Connector2.58 mi-518 ft-3.4%
Headwaters road from 276 to 4756.37 mi-906 ft-2.2%
backside of 475b0.75 mi200 ft4.9%
Headwaters Down5.64 mi-961 ft-3.2%
Headwaters Down Last 3 Miles3.30 mi-758 ft-4.3%
FromFishHatchery1.38 mi-128 ft-1.2%