Atlanta Cycling - Silver Lake Loop

Cycling Route

24.26 mi
1,639 ft
Follow the white W's painted at intersections.
Created By
Don D

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Northside Pkwy Uphill1.16 mi121 ft1.6%
W Conway Speed Trap1.02 mi-141 ft-1.9%
Glen Devon Stop Sign Sprint0.75 mi-121 ft-3.0%
Tophat TT Downhill0.63 mi-39 ft-1.1%
OLD VERSION - Chastain sprint lake forest from powers ferry to weiuca1.25 mi-151 ft-1.1%
Inter to LFL0.18 mi-10 ft-1.1%
Dash to catch the light0.53 mi-52 ft-0.2%
N. Stratford Grunt0.30 mi62 ft3.9%
CCC Front Side Climb0.70 mi85 ft2.2%
Capital City Wed Night 2.44 mi98 ft0.8%
E Brookhaven Climb1.53 mi79 ft0.5%
CCC to Mabry0.65 mi62 ft1.8%
Woodward Way Climb0.70 mi92 ft2.3%
woodrow way climb from inman0.27 mi52 ft3.6%
Woodrow Way 20.23 mi36 ft3.0%
Mabry To PTree DH0.52 mi-154 ft-5.1%
2nd Northland to JF1.43 mi223 ft2.9%
Northland Drive Climb - Brookhaven/Buckhead1.41 mi233 ft3.1%
Northland To Highpoint Climb0.95 mi194 ft3.9%
Northland Drive - Core Climb0.80 mi164 ft3.9%
Northland Highpoint Split0.40 mi49 ft2.3%
Mt Paran - Roswell to W Conway3.87 mi-157 ft-0.6%
Mt. Paran -- Jett to 752.27 mi-56 ft-0.3%
Mt Paran- Country Store to 751.92 mi-102 ft-0.9%
Northside Pkwy Downhill1.12 mi-118 ft-1.7%
Wed Night ATL Cycling Sprint0.87 mi-108 ft-2.3%
Hwy 41 Sprint Finish0.17 mi-39 ft-4.0%
Wed Night Atl Cycling, Final Kick to the Line0.16 mi-20 ft-2.2%