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Chief Sealth Trial Loop

Cycling Route

33.06 mi
1,734 ft
Created By
Terry Buchanan
July 31, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Burke-Gilman to Fremont Bridge0.23 mi23 ft1.6%
ship canal west1.41 mi-33 ft-0.4%
Ship Canal Sprint WB0.67 mi-20 ft-0.6%
Ship Canal Ramp to Train1.29 mi-13 ft-0.1%
Emerson Bump0.29 mi39 ft1.9%
Emerson to Myrtle Edwards0.70 mi-33 ft-0.6%
Emerson to Dravus0.54 mi-33 ft-0.5%
Myrtle Edwards SB2.81 mi-33 ft-0.2%
20th DH Sprint0.26 mi-26 ft-1.8%
Myrtle Edwards Waterfront SB1.43 mi0 ft0.0%
Myrtle Edwards SB to ped/bike path split1.22 mi-10 ft-0.0%
3rd Ave Bridge to Broad St0.47 mi-43 ft-1.7%
Alaska, Broad to Union0.83 mi-10 ft-0.2%
Tourist Slalom1.08 mi-3 ft-0.0%
12th ave Beacon HIll Climb0.19 mi92 ft8.8%
South through Beacon Golf Course0.84 mi-43 ft-0.1%
Sealth Beacon Crest1.19 mi-92 ft-1.4%
henderson->fletcher0.29 mi154 ft9.8%
Seward Park Ave to Morgan St.1.51 mi148 ft1.8%
Slow Burn0.80 mi85 ft2.0%
Seward climb 20.27 mi46 ft3.1%
Seward seward seward0.39 mi7 ft0.2%
Seward sails to Alaska0.81 mi-10 ft-0.2%
Lake WA blvd Park to S Day Street Park2.51 mi36 ft0.0%
Lake Wash single track NB0.88 mi7 ft0.0%
Lakewood - Lake Washington Blvd Park Sprint0.15 mi20 ft2.6%
36th Ave S to Polka Dot Jersey1.14 mi-26 ft-0.4%
Alder to Madrona0.68 mi10 ft0.0%
Madrona to Viretta Park0.52 mi62 ft1.6%
Cobain Climb0.83 mi112 ft2.5%
Pike n' Olives 0.17 mi49 ft5.3%
Lake Washington Blvd Climb0.73 mi108 ft2.8%
Leaving the Lake0.88 mi121 ft2.4%
Lakeview Park Climb0.24 mi72 ft5.7%
Lake View Climb from AFTER Stop sign0.20 mi49 ft4.7%
Boyer Ave West Bound0.44 mi-69 ft-2.9%
Boyer/Fuhrman from 24th to the University Bridge0.98 mi-30 ft-0.4%
U-Bridge Climb0.29 mi46 ft0.2%
Randys way 0.27 mi23 ft1.7%
University Bridge0.28 mi82 ft4.9%
Ouroboros0.16 mi36 ft1.0%
BGT & Univ. Bridge - Stone Way1.47 mi-39 ft-0.5%
Under I-5 to Urban Surf on BGT0.84 mi-23 ft-0.5%
BGT to Stone Way1.28 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Corliss to the bridge0.96 mi-20 ft-0.4%