Road - Guaro-Monda (Level - Advanced)

Cycling Route

89.02 km
1,654 m
We depart from FMK direction to Torremolinos, then we will head North to Churriana, then we will take West through a really nice countryside road between olive trees towards Alhaurin el Grande and then to the village of Coin. After Coin we will start with a sustained 9.5 km, Climb till Guaro, then a fast downhill to Monda Then we will start the second climb of today: “ The Pescadores” Climb, after while we will descent heading to FMK through Benalmadena Pueblo with a nice Seaview. IBP: 102
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Av Rafael Gomez climb0.68 km24 m3.5%
El pinillo1.40 km33 m2.1%
Rotonda El Pinillo - Rotonda Benyamina3.76 km-40 m-0.8%
Paralelo Carrefour dirección Torremolinos0.67 km7 m0.9%
Churriana - Alhaurín el Grande20.26 km161 m0.6%
cogiendo ritmo1.26 km-23 m-1.6%
ENCUENTRO+COIN21.82 km131 m0.5%
Venta Purguine5.48 km55 m0.5%
Sprint to Alhaurin the Big2.24 km-6 m-0.1%
LosChavos-El Cruce4.37 km57 m0.3%
Repecho Miralmonte0.50 km27 m5.4%
Sprint Sworks Coin Full Pons1.21 km34 m1.6%
Subida de la Reina0.97 km45 m4.5%
Subida Renault0.54 km29 m5.2%
Subida Reina Sofia1.01 km24 m0.3%
A-366 to A-71003.53 km106 m3.0%
Rio-Seco a Guaro7.50 km227 m3.0%
Guaro_Jlg5.29 km180 m3.4%
Desde cruce A 366 hasta entrada de Guaro4.04 km129 m3.2%
Subida altos de Guaro2.53 km124 m4.4%
Guaro rundkjøring til rundkjøring1.27 km56 m4.4%
Rotonda Guaro To Monda4.07 km66 m0.2%
Dos Repechos Guaro0.58 km31 m5.3%
Salida de Guaro0.43 km5 m1.2%
Guaro-Monda_Jlg3.20 km-66 m-1.0%
A-7100 climb0.51 km29 m5.6%
Hill sprint to Monda0.18 km19 m10.2%
Lead-out2.65 km25 m0.6%
cuñita Cruz de piedra0.65 km17 m2.1%
Salida de Coín-Venta el Moreno5.58 km40 m0.0%
A tope Vitto2.00 km-28 m-1.2%
De rotonda los Morenos a Mijas7.83 km162 m1.9%
Desde rotonda de los morenos hasta rotonda del Buda15.32 km-278 m-0.5%
Subida Los Morenos -Los condes3.95 km166 m4.2%
Urbanización Alta Verde Climb - long2.61 km150 m5.7%
pto. pescadores subida 110.20 km23 m10.6%
Hell climb0.52 km78 m15.1%
Tramo entre cruces de Mijas2.26 km-50 m-0.4%
Mijas to A-7 descend5.20 km-225 m-3.8%
sendero parelelo a recta osunilla0.56 km-43 m-6.2%
Mijas - La Capellania2.92 km-203 m-6.7%
Bajada desde Mijas inmensa hasta rotonda de la autovia1.69 km-53 m-2.7%
Subida Estupa desde rotonda hasta benal.pueblo.2.11 km64 m2.5%
Buda Climb0.86 km38 m4.0%
Rampa casa Naranja por la acera MTB0.39 km22 m0.3%
Subida Estupa T20.78 km42 m3.0%
PUEBLO A ROTONDA XANIT1.62 km-77 m-4.2%
Cuesta Cabrona !0.35 km8 m2.0%