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Past Two Weeks
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MTB: Airport Loop (Level: Easy)

Cycling Route

33.16 km
322 m
An easy Loop around the Airport. We will ride along the promenade till Málaga and we will follow the river up the the Airport, then we will come back thru some singletracks to Torremolinos and then FMK. IBP: 16
Created By
Fast Monkey Bike Rental

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Paseo Maritimo2.64 km16 m0.1%
Torre TT2.31 km4 m0.1%
LLANO0.88 km-17 m-0.5%
[JM] [GM] Guadalmar - Depuradora2.01 km2 m0.0%
Río 1.91 km4 m0.1%
Rio Arriba 1.31 km8 m0.4%
bajada circuito1.22 km-31 m-2.4%
sprint camino del pilar, churriana0.65 km24 m3.5%
0.62 km22 m3.5%
sprint camino del pilar 330.68 km25 m3.7%
Rojas Abajo2.11 km29 m0.4%
Aprietale!!!0.47 km25 m4.9%
Aprietale ¡¡¡ 0.12 km11 m8.7%
ZORRONA0.28 km21 m7.3%
Recta Molino Batán0.86 km10 m0.8%
Sin aliento0.32 km14 m2.2%
aprietale anselmoo!!0.32 km14 m4.1%