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Past Month

Hornets Dale - Milford Loop

Cycling Route

32.83 mi
2,146 ft
32 Mile - 2100 ft Elevation
Created By
Roland Luke 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Blands to Highlands0.26 mi56 ft4.0%
TC Perrots - Haven Rd1.02 mi187 ft3.4%
city slickers0.24 mi56 ft4.2%
City Road & Hawthorn Rise0.84 mi184 ft4.1%
Red House to Creampotts turn.3.98 mi108 ft0.1%
Powder hall to park corner0.62 mi23 ft0.6%
porfield > haven road2.17 mi79 ft0.4%
Cuckoo 0.13 mi3 ft0.5%
Racecourse Jct To Broadway3.29 mi-121 ft-0.1%
Park Corner Road to Broardway3.29 mi-112 ft-0.1%
B4341 Park Corner Rd to Broardway3.29 mi-112 ft-0.1%
Go Fox3.77 mi-138 ft-0.0%
Portfield gate going out0.30 mi10 ft0.7%
Portfield Gate to Broadway2.98 mi-118 ft-0.3%
Lamber Hill down1.28 mi-98 ft-1.0%
Lambert hill dash0.54 mi-85 ft-2.9%
Walton Hill0.29 mi52 ft2.3%
Put The Hammer Down1.03 mi-148 ft-1.8%
The run into Marloes1.71 mi-138 ft-1.5%
Dale Velodrome1.20 mi75 ft0.1%
Dale one way sprint0.44 mi-13 ft-0.6%
Dale to Milford9.06 mi230 ft0.0%
Jubilee0.22 mi43 ft3.6%
Crabhall Hill0.20 mi43 ft4.0%
b4327 > Herbranston4.71 mi197 ft0.6%
Herbrandston Hill0.56 mi187 ft6.3%
Herby sprint W-E0.93 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Herby to Hakin2.10 mi-131 ft-0.5%
Top of cap james hill - Hamilton terrace 1.72 mi-167 ft-1.8%
Napoleon's Nipple0.14 mi30 ft3.9%
Hamilton terrace0.59 mi118 ft3.6%
The North Rd Run (N) 0.94 mi66 ft1.2%
to the jockey1.06 mi49 ft0.6%
Steynton to Merlins Bridge5.20 mi-184 ft-0.0%
steynton/teirs cross1.72 mi151 ft1.5%
Tiers Cross to Cycle path entrance1.58 mi-154 ft-1.4%
Tiers to Merlin3.35 mi-220 ft-1.1%
Blink and its over0.35 mi-79 ft-3.7%
Crossover to Glenview2.06 mi-154 ft-0.8%
Bridge to tip0.44 mi36 ft1.4%
Tip to lights1.37 mi-138 ft-1.6%
Freemens Way (North)1.04 mi-52 ft-0.3%