Long Tour of Bradwell

Running Route

56.06 km
1,916 m
Created By
Lisa W
February 22, 2017·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Gore Lane, Bradwell to Pindale Road via Cement Works footpath1.52 km37 m2.4%
0.36 km8 m2.2%
Old Dam Ln Climb3.09 km223 m7.1%
pindale run up0.75 km112 m14.0%
Down through Cave Dale - very steep & slippery wet rock in places!1.31 km-139 m-10.6%
Hope Road Climb0.72 km120 m16.7%
Ankle snapper1.09 km-149 m-13.3%
Edale Church to Ollerbrook Clough Top2.42 km286 m11.8%
Grindsbrook Bridge to The Nab0.88 km126 m14.3%
OWLS AC - The Nab0.37 km83 m22.1%
Rowland Cote Moor descent from first edge track1.27 km-248 m-19.3%
LTB Descent of Kinder starting at the Wall1.85 km-277 m-15.0%
Hollowford Rd Climb0.31 km40 m12.9%
Backtor climb0.35 km38 m9.3%
Hollowford Rd Climb0.44 km59 m13.3%
Down Lose HIll steps0.36 km-63 m-17.2%
Losehill Descent Top Bit0.77 km-138 m-17.8%
Gate to Gate 30.81 km14 m1.5%
Coggers Lane Climb1.23 km86 m7.0%
Car park to Stanage slog1.56 km64 m4.0%
Long Climb1.46 km63 m4.3%
Rocky rd climb0.41 km17 m4.1%
Causeway to Stanage trig point1.65 km37 m2.2%
The Dale Climb0.87 km43 m4.9%
Stanage Trig Point to Burbage carpark0.89 km-47 m-5.2%
Burbage Post1.69 km-21 m-1.2%
Ringinglow to below fox house2.47 km-73 m-2.9%
Above Burbage Brook along the wood margin0.92 km-30 m-2.7%
B6001 Climb0.93 km69 m7.0%
Bretton Clough 1st Climb0.41 km47 m11.3%
Duper Ln Climb1.46 km84 m5.7%
Stoke Ford to gate below Abney1.35 km75 m5.5%
Duper Lane climb from Abney to the lane to Brough/ Shatton0.91 km61 m6.7%
Duper Lane to Robin Hoods Cross0.70 km27 m2.4%
Robin's Hood Cross down to Edge Lane stile0.84 km-137 m-16.0%
Bradwell Edge footpath stile down to Edge Lane stile0.54 km-120 m-22.0%