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Tour De Galles 2017 Full Route

Cycling Route

235.18 mi
16,711 ft
Created By
Rhys Bebb

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Megabus Dash0.13 mi-7 ft-0.6%
Castle Corner0.30 mi-23 ft-1.3%
Cathedral road north sprint0.66 mi10 ft0.2%
BBC to Danescourt Roundabout0.57 mi-33 ft-1.0%
Llantrisant Rd slog: BBC to Radyr Roundabout1.24 mi92 ft1.2%
Llantrisant hill repeat0.70 mi131 ft3.5%
Llantrisant Rd Descent0.59 mi-174 ft-5.5%
Climb to wind farm gate0.55 mi213 ft7.3%
Lewistown Kick Up0.43 mi49 ft1.5%
Bwlch (from Ogmore Vale, to Treorchy)4.47 mi1,033 ft4.4%
Price Town clock Hill0.26 mi135 ft9.5%
Clock Tower in Nant y Moel - Treorchy road5.69 mi853 ft0.2%
A4061 Climb0.40 mi269 ft12.5%
Final Sprint - Bwlch0.80 mi266 ft6.3%
Bwlch - Hotdog Van to Long Straight2.19 mi-738 ft-6.3%
Up the Rhigos5.69 mi1,145 ft3.8%
Rhigos - whole thing - Treherbert to Hirwaun7.41 mi1,033 ft0.3%
Rhigos Climb after 1st Hairpin2.87 mi840 ft5.5%
never mind the view get going0.66 mi-66 ft-1.8%
Rhigos descent (Treherbert)3.08 mi-879 ft-5.4%
Fast And Very Windy0.86 mi-289 ft-6.4%
Big Dog Pryor Hill Sprint0.33 mi75 ft4.3%
Sweet or sweat descent 1.64 mi-482 ft-5.5%
Glynneath to Abercrave6.72 mi610 ft0.7%
Colbeath climb 2nd half0.91 mi276 ft5.7%
Real descent from monkey town1.48 mi-361 ft-4.5%
Morriston Hospital Leg Killer0.56 mi112 ft3.7%
Loughor to Llanelli Sprint0.19 mi7 ft0.3%
test0.76 mi16 ft0.2%
fforest+llanedi climb3.13 mi246 ft1.4%
Brynamman Burner0.33 mi108 ft6.1%
cefnbrynbrain to all blacks3.84 mi-348 ft-1.7%
pen-y-cae to summit layby4.48 mi666 ft2.8%
pub to top layby2.57 mi535 ft3.9%
Green Jersey Sprint0.27 mi46 ft3.2%
Broad Street Climb0.28 mi-7 ft-0.2%
Llandovery to top of Black Mountain (car park) 13.58 mi1,335 ft1.8%
black mountain end to end11.33 mi1,473 ft1.2%
Go Hard Or Go Home1.37 mi89 ft1.1%
Dragon time trial series hill climb7.79 mi1,322 ft3.2%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No95 Black Mountain4.49 mi1,247 ft5.3%
welsh champs HC start to cattle grid1.64 mi482 ft5.5%
car park to car park1.71 mi-548 ft-6.1%
over the top twisty bits0.65 mi-220 ft-6.4%
descent2.25 mi-650 ft-5.5%
▲Garnswllt from Betwys1.50 mi210 ft2.6%
Garnswllt Square to Dantwyn.3.82 mi-295 ft-0.9%
Last legs.0.35 mi82 ft4.3%
garnswllt drop to oblivion0.55 mi-246 ft-8.4%
Rag it!!!!0.14 mi20 ft2.2%