Aces new route 61 Lawrenny Dino fun loops 26 miles

Cycling Route

25.64 mi
1,778 ft
TLC, New Hedges, Clayford Rd, East Williamston, old Redberth Rd, Carew, Whitehill, Cresswell Quay, Lawrenny loop, up nr Martletwy, back to Cresswell Quay, Cresselly, Redberth, Knapp, Gumfreston back to TLC
Created By
John Hubbard
February 26, 2017·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Clicketts to New Hedges2.07 mi272 ft2.5%
Dinbych-y-pysgod - Top section0.70 mi102 ft2.5%
Col de Clayford0.20 mi59 ft5.2%
Cold Inn to Redbirth1.19 mi-108 ft-1.5%
Redberth > Sageston1.65 mi-118 ft-1.3%
Redberth turn to Sageston fields sprint0.15 mi-13 ft-1.5%
anson eay to home sprint0.25 mi13 ft0.8%
Carew to Rosemary Lane1.36 mi177 ft2.2%
Climb from Carew to Whitehill0.71 mi154 ft4.1%
Dash to the Quay hill 0.68 mi-89 ft-2.1%
creswell quay descent0.68 mi-154 ft-4.3%
quay to broad lane 1.34 mi135 ft1.5%
cresselly to lawrenny steep bit0.32 mi128 ft7.2%
Broad Lane Dash0.78 mi-82 ft-1.1%
scotland Decent0.64 mi-157 ft-4.4%
Millway Lane0.69 mi184 ft5.0%
The Green Climb1.28 mi282 ft4.2%
Millway Lane 2 Cresselly0.98 mi230 ft4.4%
Millway Ln to A40750.97 mi240 ft4.7%
A477 Climb0.77 mi266 ft6.5%
Red to St Flo0.50 mi105 ft3.9%
Heatherton to Tenby2.06 mi-207 ft-1.4%
Eastbound and Up to the Dino Park0.27 mi62 ft4.3%
Gumfreston part 1 DOWNHILL0.46 mi-128 ft-5.0%