VCC Lookout Hill Handicap.

Cycling Route

51.65 km
766 m
Created By
Craig Paterson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Lookout! - Drop & give me 5000.91 km-29 m-3.2%
Tidbinbilla Rd Hill2.60 km114 m4.4%
Asthma Hill1.35 km73 m5.4%
Asthma 10.18 km16 m8.7%
Asthma 20.43 km36 m8.2%
Pt Hut Rd to Corin Rd6.44 km81 m0.7%
Gibraltar's Pinch0.76 km52 m6.7%
Tid_Corin_intersection_pinch0.84 km47 m5.2%
Tidbinbilla to Corin Rd3.44 km47 m0.2%
Tidbinbilla to Point Hut Rd9.93 km-88 m-0.5%
Tidbinbilla Rd Climb0.70 km13 m1.4%
Birragai climb0.48 km38 m7.9%
Flat out past Corin Rd0.79 km-51 m-6.2%
Jack's 016.42 km-73 m-0.7%
Tidbinbilla Road Climb0.32 km28 m8.6%
Down Asthma Hill1.47 km-67 m-4.6%
Lookout Hill Short0.20 km16 m8.1%