Cycling Route

1,034.91 km
12,361 m
Created By
Drew Ginn

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Head St to Grovesnor St (yacht club) 2.00 km-6 m-0.1%
Final dash to Martin0.45 km-2 m-0.4%
North Rd to Save The Clock Tower9.49 km24 m0.0%
North to Bay0.65 km4 m0.6%
North Rd to South Road3.33 km10 m0.1%
Bay to Dendy1.64 km-4 m-0.1%
Late for my wedding at Brighton Savoy0.61 km19 m0.6%
Climin?0.75 km19 m0.0%
Brighton Rollers1.68 km20 m0.3%
Beach Road Sth (Park St to Bridge St)3.89 km20 m0.3%
Wellington to Were0.95 km-19 m-1.1%
Dendy to South Road0.73 km10 m0.2%
Up the Hill0.27 km8 m2.8%
D. Verco Window0.67 km-6 m-0.6%
South Rd to Small St1.54 km8 m0.5%
Sprint finish0.40 km1 m0.2%
the wind tunnel0.78 km-1 m-0.1%
HR - sprint0.53 km4 m0.7%
Ricky's Big Hill3.50 km22 m0.6%
Warm up Step 10.67 km9 m1.3%
Small St to Hampton St0.51 km-6 m-0.2%
Hampton St to Melrose St0.84 km-10 m-0.4%
CTX to Black Rock3.50 km-21 m-0.2%
Sandy Climb1.88 km15 m0.7%
Bay Rd to Royal/Masefield Ave crossing/peak0.83 km9 m0.6%
Royal/Masefield Ave crossing/peak to Potter St0.67 km9 m0.5%
Ohhhhh Boy0.34 km-4 m-1.2%
Sylvia's Clock Tower0.23 km2 m0.5%
Crossing for three2.27 km-17 m-0.5%
Bluff Rd/Black Rock clock tower to Central Ave0.82 km-14 m-1.2%
Col d'Ricketts (Southbound)1.02 km7 m0.5%
Haydens Hill1.00 km16 m0.4%
Polkadot hill Beaumaris0.28 km7 m2.4%
Rickett's Point southbound1.49 km-14 m-0.4%
Surf Ave Peak (370 Beach Rd) to Haydens Rd0.47 km-12 m-2.0%
Haydens Rd to Rickett's Point crossing0.39 km-13 m-1.4%
Tunnel Sprint0.42 km-4 m-0.9%
Keys St to Deauville St0.68 km-17 m-0.4%
Deauville St to Cliff Gve peak0.37 km-17 m-0.5%
Col des Charman (west side)0.42 km6 m1.4%
Cliff Gve to Kitchener St/Naples Rd crossing0.87 km13 m0.1%
Charman to Dixon S'bound1.57 km-13 m-0.8%
Marina to Naples0.61 km-9 m-0.9%
BB attack0.68 km-6 m-0.1%
Kitchener St/Naples Rd crossing to peak (82 Beach Rd)0.28 km5 m1.8%
Mentone Girls Sprint0.45 km7 m1.5%
Napoli al pub0.16 km7 m4.4%
Parade to Parkers1.20 km-5 m-0.4%
Antibes/Birdwood St crossing to Parkers Rd crossing0.59 km-3 m-0.2%
The Flats0.40 km-2 m-0.1%