Past Two Weeks

Owego Lake

Cycling Route

84.6 mi
4,724 ft
Created By
david stauffer

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Warren power climb0.24 mi95 ft7.4%
Warren Hill Forest Home0.15 mi89 ft10.6%
Warren, Forest Home to 132.12 mi210 ft1.8%
Warren - Narrow Jump0.57 mi108 ft3.6%
Warren to 131.01 mi72 ft1.4%
Warren Straight2.29 mi66 ft0.1%
Van Ostrand North4.34 mi-131 ft-0.1%
OSR KOM1.28 mi535 ft7.9%
Long Hill Road Climb2.79 mi620 ft4.2%
Full long hill2.02 mi577 ft5.4%
Long hill 21.13 mi502 ft8.4%
Owasco11.27 mi-348 ft-0.1%
Rockefeller1.63 mi246 ft2.5%
Rt 90 out of Locke1.48 mi240 ft3.0%
Pine Hollow Climb2.71 mi377 ft2.6%
Pine Hollow Climb2.71 mi377 ft2.6%
Genoa Hill Climb0.51 mi253 ft9.3%
Down Salmon Creek7.99 mi-574 ft-1.3%
Brickyard steep part0.27 mi131 ft8.9%
Ludlowville up tp 342.79 mi420 ft2.8%
Brickyard Rd Climb0.79 mi243 ft5.8%
Brickyard Road Climb for the whole World to see0.59 mi184 ft5.9%
Drake Rd Climb1.31 mi98 ft1.4%
Cayuga Heights Road (town line sprint from 34)1.44 mi69 ft0.6%
Cayuga Heights Rd. short sprint, Oakcrest to Sunset0.83 mi-72 ft-1.3%
Cayuga heights town sign sprint0.12 mi13 ft0.9%
Hoy road short sprint0.32 mi23 ft0.2%
Drydenn to Maple Ave0.33 mi82 ft4.5%