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Beach Road (St. Kilda to Mordialloc)

Cycling Route

28.02 mi
1,981 ft
Beach Road is the mecca of Melbourne cycling. Whether it’s a fast-paced hit out or a leisurely shop ride you’re looking for, riders of all abilities are guaranteed to enjoy this flat, smooth road that winds alongside Port Phillip Bay. There are plenty of fantastic cafe options along the route and you can choose to turn around at Black Rock, Mordialloc, or continue on to the beachside town of Portsea.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
North Rd to Save The Clock Tower5.90 mi79 ft0.0%
North Rd to South Road2.07 mi33 ft0.1%
Brighton Rollers1.04 mi66 ft0.3%
Brighton to Mordialloc spin9.74 mi-89 ft-0.0%
Ricky's Big Hill2.17 mi72 ft0.6%
CTX to Black Rock2.18 mi-69 ft-0.2%
Sandy Climb1.17 mi49 ft0.7%
Harold to Black Rock1.10 mi-59 ft-0.8%
Love to Sylvia0.60 mi-43 ft-1.4%
Ohhhhh Boy0.21 mi-13 ft-1.2%
Polkadot hill Beaumaris0.17 mi23 ft2.4%
Ricketts Point - North Side1.66 mi66 ft0.6%
Naples to Mordialloc1.83 mi-30 ft-0.2%
Mordialloc Sprint0.78 mi-13 ft-0.3%
Lead Out Man0.35 mi-7 ft-0.4%
Mordi - Black Rock (Safe)5.27 mi69 ft0.1%
Beach Rd Cx Trail2.84 mi69 ft0.3%
Parkdale Beach Cafe to Naples Park1.18 mi-30 ft-0.1%
The Beauy Bumps1.48 mi43 ft0.2%
Beach Rd Climb0.29 mi-43 ft-0.9%
Charman Rd to Brighton Baths8.00 mi-89 ft-0.1%
Change of wind mordy return1.00 mi-69 ft-0.6%
The Smackie Straights1.00 mi-36 ft-0.7%
Pub to 2nd st dash2.07 mi56 ft0.4%
The Anna Meares crush0.46 mi46 ft1.8%
Bike path hill climb0.13 mi16 ft2.3%
Sprint to Black Rock1.09 mi26 ft0.1%
Smash it back through Black rock1.22 mi39 ft0.5%
Black Rock Short Sprint0.34 mi3 ft0.1%
O'Mara 300 metre sprint0.16 mi3 ft0.5%
Half Moon Hill 0.79 mi49 ft1.2%
Black Rock to North Rd 5.72 mi-92 ft-0.1%
Beach Road Nth (Buff Road to Bridge St)2.35 mi66 ft0.2%
Cerberus lung buster0.40 mi36 ft1.8%
Twin Peaks0.67 mi43 ft1.1%
Red Bluff St to South Road2.80 mi-79 ft-0.5%
Wind it up0.79 mi-46 ft-0.7%
Sandy Sprint0.65 mi-30 ft-0.5%
'The Parrish'1.98 mi-43 ft-0.3%
Golden Mile1.02 mi-39 ft-0.5%
in the drops0.58 mi-13 ft-0.3%
GO GO JUICE0.64 mi-7 ft0.0%
Brighton Breakaway- Sth to Nth Rds2.11 mi-26 ft-0.1%
DADDAS' VENGEANCE!!!!0.35 mi10 ft0.5%
Brighton Alps0.88 mi20 ft0.0%
Dendy hill0.30 mi13 ft0.7%
Park St. 2 Chelsea St.0.17 mi26 ft0.5%
TKM Teh Rabbit Warren0.39 mi20 ft0.8%
Death Star Canyon1.22 mi-16 ft-0.0%
Bay to North Sprint0.38 mi-16 ft-0.7%