1/20 + The Wall

Cycling Route

52.82 mi
6,152 ft
This route includes the two most popular climbs in the Dandenong Ranges. The benchmark climb for Melbourne cyclists, many riders know their PRs on The 1 in 20 by heart. An absolutely beautiful ascent that twists and turns up through the ‘Dandies’, the KOM and QOM spots are highly coveted. Reward yourself for a good time on the segment with a pastry at the top and get mentally prepared for the next climb; The Wall. Beginning in Monbulk and heading straight up to Olinda, this climb is a true test of climbing prowess. Long, with two particularly steep sections averaging 10%, The Wall is seemingly neverending. Surrounded by altitudinous pines and bright flowers, you’ll know you’ve reached the finish once you come across the Olinda swimming pool.
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
MRR - Final Sprint0.16 mi-16 ft-1.7%
The Water Tower0.39 mi79 ft3.8%
Forest Hills3.22 mi243 ft1.4%
BR's Vermont Descent1.26 mi-236 ft-3.5%
Boronia Rd Speed Trap0.43 mi-131 ft-5.7%
Crest Ct Climb0.89 mi538 ft11.4%
1:20 Pre False-flat2.11 mi512 ft4.6%
1:20 first 500m0.29 mi125 ft8.0%
1 in 204.15 mi915 ft4.2%
1:20 Start - 6km to go0.51 mi125 ft4.6%
1/204.16 mi909 ft4.1%
1/20 Cycle to Max version4.20 mi912 ft4.1%
1in20: Start to bus turn-around0.81 mi213 ft4.9%
1 in 203.96 mi906 ft4.2%
Yes0.08 mi69 ft15.3%
Power Rep2.65 mi564 ft4.0%
1:20 5km-4km to go0.61 mi148 ft4.5%
1:20 False-flat0.55 mi52 ft1.8%
1:20 Post False-Flat1.38 mi344 ft4.7%
1:20 2km-1km to go0.62 mi167 ft5.1%
1 in 20 - Last km0.60 mi135 ft4.2%
1 in 20 - Last 500m0.34 mi69 ft3.9%
Sassafras to Ferny Creek climb0.62 mi157 ft4.8%
Sherbrooke rd decent2.13 mi-433 ft-3.7%
Sherbrooke rd descent0.71 mi-285 ft-7.6%
The Wall - first pinch0.29 mi115 ft7.5%
The Wall Complete3.84 mi1,017 ft4.9%
The Wall (to the pool)3.19 mi961 ft5.7%
The Wall - Main Rd to Pirianda Gardens1.92 mi689 ft6.8%
The Wall - hairpin to Invermay0.65 mi203 ft5.4%
The Wall (The Steep Bit)1.55 mi594 ft7.3%
The Wall - second pinch0.75 mi322 ft7.9%
ARC The Wall Prt 21.82 mi279 ft2.6%
The Roof Complete1.06 mi-66 ft-0.5%
Olinda - Sassafras descent1.58 mi-279 ft-3.3%
Sassafras - False Flat 1/20 2.41 mi-443 ft-3.5%
1in20 descent4.19 mi-912 ft-4.1%
Old Bayswater Sassafras Rd Climb0.43 mi459 ft20.3%
Look through the corner!0.12 mi-30 ft-4.5%
20-1 false flat0.38 mi36 ft1.7%
Skill Tester0.48 mi-75 ft-2.9%
Stay Above 500.12 mi-26 ft-4.2%
Chasing cars0.74 mi-190 ft-4.8%
Bum's Rush0.45 mi-46 ft-2.0%
The Basin - Scoresby Rd2.74 mi-233 ft-1.6%
Liverpool v Colchester0.52 mi-79 ft-2.8%
BOOT IT!!0.72 mi-59 ft-1.5%
Westham Crescent Climb0.43 mi282 ft12.1%
Boronia Rd Hill1.06 mi230 ft4.1%
Chasing Toorak Tractors0.64 mi-82 ft-2.4%