Finger Lakes Forest

Cycling Route

56.0 mi
4,409 ft
Created By
David Stauffer
September 1, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Enfield Falls Rd Climb1.48 mi545 ft7.0%
Harvey Hill Rd Climb0.98 mi453 ft8.7%
Meck to Updyke2.69 mi-161 ft-0.9%
Highway 228 Climb0.27 mi269 ft18.3%
Potomac rd to picnic area1.53 mi433 ft5.3%
Potomac Climb1.84 mi548 ft5.6%
National Forest Nasty1.96 mi568 ft5.4%
Co road -1 hill1.77 mi367 ft3.8%
Potomac Rd to Lewis Rd Descent3.83 mi-594 ft-2.9%
Taughannock Park Road to the Top of the Park1.17 mi-62 ft-0.9%
Lower Gorge Road0.44 mi233 ft9.8%
Gorge Rd Climb0.69 mi276 ft7.6%
Dubois Rd Kicker0.10 mi26 ft3.7%
Buffalo St. to Stewart0.29 mi167 ft10.7%
Barfalo St. segment - you will barf.0.42 mi256 ft11.5%
Maple Climb 21.34 mi512 ft7.1%
Buffalo St.0.31 mi190 ft11.5%
Dryden First Hill0.29 mi72 ft4.7%
Maple Ave Climb0.86 mi272 ft6.0%
Maple Ave Climb1.07 mi272 ft4.8%