Squaw Pass, Floyd Hill

Cycling Route

43.18 mi
5,032 ft
Created By
Bo Kristensen

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Placid Dr Climb0.38 mi338 ft16.5%
Segment1.96 mi449 ft4.1%
Echo Mtn Resort from 7411.73 mi2,782 ft4.5%
Segment9.35 mi2,142 ft4.3%
JuniperPassClimb14.75 mi3,317 ft4.3%
Segment1.38 mi335 ft4.6%
74 to Witter Gulch Rd6.45 mi1,385 ft4.1%
Hwy 74 to Echo Lake17.71 mi3,376 ft3.1%
Segment8.56 mi1,939 ft4.3%
Segment13.37 mi3,159 ft4.5%
from Hwy 74 to Echo Sign 6.88 mi1,391 ft3.8%
Segment14.80 mi3,104 ft4.0%
TBP 2014 Start to Juniper Pass15.34 mi3,261 ft3.9%
Bergen Park to Warrior Mountain14.70 mi3,297 ft4.2%
Segment14.94 mi3,261 ft4.1%
Juniper Pass Climb14.79 mi3,274 ft4.2%
Segment6.50 mi1,358 ft3.9%
74 to Echo Lake17.69 mi3,297 ft3.0%
74 to Echo Hills5.78 mi1,322 ft4.3%
Segment12.25 mi2,920 ft4.5%
Segment7.20 mi1,716 ft4.5%
Segment2.90 mi564 ft3.7%
Segment11.11 mi2,500 ft4.3%
Segment4.95 mi1,112 ft4.2%
County Road 470 Climb1.16 mi279 ft4.5%
Segment8.84 mi2,001 ft4.3%
Segment1.53 mi423 ft5.2%
Witter Gulch to 1st Line/ Juniper Pass7.88 mi1,962 ft4.7%
Witter Gulch to Juniper Pass8.21 mi1,814 ft4.2%
Colorado 103 Climb3.57 mi991 ft5.3%
Segment0.45 mi276 ft11.4%
Last 5 miles to the top4.71 mi955 ft3.8%
Segment1.12 mi295 ft5.0%
Juniper Pass to Echo Lake Lodge4.36 mi-482 ft-1.3%
Juniper Descent16.18 mi-3,353 ft-3.9%
Juniper Descent13.08 mi-3,031 ft-4.4%
Echo Lake Park to Cottonwood Gulch Descent10.50 mi-2,644 ft-4.8%
Twisty Echo7.99 mi-2,093 ft-5.0%
Echo Lake to Idaho Springs12.39 mi-2,838 ft-4.3%
Echo Lake To Idaho Springs Descent12.56 mi-2,923 ft-4.4%
Echo Lake Campgroung Descent to Chicago Ck6.06 mi-1,660 ft-5.2%
Straightaway Sprint to Idaho Springs6.28 mi-1,066 ft-3.2%
County Road 314 Climb0.49 mi404 ft15.3%
Floyd Hill1.80 mi607 ft6.4%
Floyd Hill EB1.85 mi686 ft6.4%
Floyd hill DH0.98 mi-364 ft-7.0%
Little Berry Trail Climb0.70 mi272 ft7.3%
I-70 to Bergen Park2.50 mi259 ft1.7%
I70-Fox Ridge Rd0.69 mi269 ft7.4%
Soda Creek to Woodland Dr CR651.00 mi246 ft4.7%