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Sunshine to Boulder Canyon

Cycling Route

39.41 mi
5,000 ft
Created By
The Airport Ninja

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sunshine crosswalk to false dirt summit7.12 mi2,461 ft6.5%
Sanitas to Poorman2.43 mi925 ft7.2%
Sunshine to flat before poorman2.29 mi827 ft6.8%
Sunshine Climb to Granite Drive1.68 mi617 ft7.0%
Liftoff from Centennial lot2.55 mi991 ft7.3%
Crosswalk to Gold Hill Summit8.85 mi2,789 ft6.0%
cross walk to switchback1.51 mi535 ft6.7%
Parking lot to Seven Hills Dr1.70 mi646 ft7.2%
Parking lot to switchback1.50 mi568 ft7.1%
Parking lot to Timber Trail1.10 mi371 ft6.4%
OLD VERSION - Sunshine - Trail head Lot to First Peak2.86 mi1,207 ft8.0%
Centennial Trailhead to Bald Mountain Scenic Area3.95 mi1,404 ft6.7%
Silver Lake Ditch to 930 Rock Sprint0.42 mi118 ft5.3%
Sunshine early climb0.84 mi308 ft6.9%
Anerobia Sprint0.39 mi138 ft6.5%
Timber Trail to Seven Hills Dr0.59 mi272 ft8.7%
30 sec full gas0.14 mi46 ft6.2%
Sunshine - Poorman to end of pavement3.08 mi764 ft4.7%
Upper Poorman0.63 mi354 ft10.6%
Sunshine Steep - Poorman to Bald Climb1.29 mi413 ft6.1%
Poorman Wall0.48 mi295 ft11.6%
Lower Burn Zone1.11 mi364 ft6.1%
Connector to Top of Sunshine5.61 mi1,722 ft5.8%
Upper Burn Zone1.20 mi420 ft6.6%
Sunshine HC gravel segment2.91 mi1,145 ft7.5%
Sunshine - EOP to Gold Hill3.90 mi1,243 ft5.0%
Dirty Sunshine1.82 mi837 ft8.7%
Sunshine Dirt section to HC peak2.99 mi1,171 ft7.4%
Sunshine Canyon Drive Climb0.62 mi322 ft9.7%
Sunshine Canyon Dr Climb0.65 mi318 ft9.0%
Richard Simmons afro0.52 mi89 ft3.3%
County Highway 52 Climb1.29 mi505 ft7.4%
Gold Hill to Peak to Peak6.80 mi1,089 ft2.9%
Gold runway6.50 mi991 ft2.7%
Gold Hill Rd from Switzerland Trail Climb3.69 mi837 ft4.1%
County Highway 52 Climb0.95 mi407 ft8.1%
Gold -> Ned8.15 mi-1,115 ft-2.4%
116 - lakewood res3.93 mi-932 ft-4.5%
Super Reversed S to NED0.99 mi-217 ft-4.0%
Peak to Peak Southward Climb into Nederland1.45 mi410 ft5.4%
Boulder Canyon Dr Climb0.62 mi436 ft13.1%
Boulder Canyon-downhill6.02 mi-1,391 ft-4.4%
BC Downhill Sprint #10.21 mi-30 ft-2.5%
BC Downhill Sprint #20.18 mi-23 ft-2.3%
BC Downhill Sprint #30.20 mi-23 ft-2.1%
BC Downhill Sprint #40.12 mi-16 ft-2.3%
BC Downhill Sprint #50.12 mi-26 ft-4.3%
BC Downhill Sprint #60.15 mi-30 ft-3.7%
Down The Pavement!0.55 mi728 ft5.2%
Boulder Leadout from Canyon0.34 mi-62 ft-3.1%