Levi's GranFondo Medio

Cycling Route

62.2 mi
3,526 ft
This route takes in views of the Pacific Ocean along highway 1 where it joins up with the tail end of the Gran route and takes on the challenging climb up Coleman Valley road before descending back in to the town of Occidental for the last stop prior to the finish line.
Created By
Carlos Perez
September 19, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hall Rd sprint1.86 mi13 ft0.0%
Ruta Fulton to Occidental 2018(MH)12.38 mi636 ft0.7%
the donkey mile0.96 mi26 ft-0.3%
Sanford Rd SB0.83 mi26 ft-0.5%
Occidental Bump0.51 mi85 ft3.2%
116 To Barlow0.56 mi59 ft-2.0%
Cemetery Sprint0.08 mi33 ft7.0%
Almost SRCC Speed Trap3.92 mi591 ft2.5%
Watts1.20 mi312 ft4.9%
Top o' Graton from the 40 mph sign0.29 mi115 ft7.4%
Top of Graton0.19 mi75 ft7.2%
BLITZKRIEG0.37 mi26 ft-1.3%
Occidental Start0.94 mi121 ft-2.5%
Occidental to Monte Rio6.12 mi502 ft-1.6%
Alliance Redwoods to Monte Rio3.76 mi154 ft-0.5%
Monte Rio 2.16 mi30 ft0.1%
Hwy 116 - Duncan Mills to Hwy 13.64 mi72 ft-0.0%
Goat Rock Climb to GR Rd0.62 mi187 ft5.2%
Goat Rock to Coleman Valley Rd5.54 mi246 ft-0.7%
Coleman Valley Climb4.34 mi1,024 ft4.4%
Coleman Valley Road at Highway0.80 mi394 ft9.2%
Ruta Carretera #1 Colman Valley al 116 (Mauricio H)19.97 mi1,047 ft0.1%
Coleman Valley Road1.55 mi787 ft9.5%
Coleman Valley - Steep Section0.85 mi466 ft10.3%
Coleman to Joy After Climb6.28 mi446 ft0.4%
LGF2013 - Coleman to Occidental Rest6.76 mi594 ft-1.5%
Coleman Valley Rd to Fitzpatrick Ln0.66 mi272 ft7.7%
ZOOM ZOOM0.23 mi82 ft6.5%
Wheeeee !!!6.12 mi764 ft-2.4%
Bittner DH1.89 mi328 ft-2.5%
Graton Road - Occidental to Top0.84 mi164 ft3.6%
Tanuda Road to Purrinton Creek2.14 mi479 ft-4.2%
Graton RdTanuda to Sullivan Rd3.63 mi531 ft-2.4%
Levi's Gran Fondo - Horses to the barn TTT13.47 mi459 ft-0.5%
Graton launch ramp1.82 mi112 ft-0.2%
Graton Road Sprint0.90 mi108 ft-1.9%
Ilanflower's Afternoon Delight0.54 mi85 ft2.2%
Graton Rd Short 0.25 mi75 ft5.5%
Occidental to West County Trail0.63 mi33 ft-0.6%
Kendall To Barlow0.67 mi20 ft0.3%
Barlow to 1160.54 mi43 ft1.3%
Peace Signs to Path signs 3.69 mi108 ft-0.4%
Occidental-116 to Sanford1.30 mi115 ft-1.5%
Bump Down0.64 mi62 ft-1.7%
Sanford NB Sprint0.81 mi36 ft0.5%
Occi to Willow1.83 mi49 ft0.3%
Hall Rd - Sanford to Willowside0.98 mi26 ft0.2%
LGF Bike Trail3.79 mi39 ft0.2%
Willowside to Fulton Bike Path2.05 mi30 ft0.3%
Fulton to Stony Point- East Bound1.64 mi26 ft0.3%