Past Month

Bartley Braddell Changi

Cycling Route

61.3 km
565 m
Created By
Mike ?

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Shelford Ramp0.21 km3 m1.3%
Adam 1st climb north1.04 km23 m2.2%
ANZA 6am sprint0.97 km-26 m-1.5%
Take me to A&E0.49 km13 m2.6%
Braddell West bound2.10 km-7 m-0.3%
Sprint for home0.43 km-8 m-1.3%
RT Viaduct ride CTE to Tampines8.19 km29 m0.1%
Braddell to Upper Serangoon0.99 km19 m1.9%
bartley rd sprint to upper paya lebar rd0.60 km3 m0.1%
Bartley East TT5.23 km22 m0.1%
bartley road east sprint0.58 km-3 m-0.2%
RT Bartley East final climb0.96 km-14 m-1.4%
Ryuto Kaki Bukit KOM0.87 km25 m2.8%
Bartley rd east flyover slope0.49 km21 m4.3%
Kaki Bukit to Bedok North Rd1.86 km-21 m-0.1%
Out of the corner0.73 km-6 m-0.0%
Tampines Ave 10 - Bedok Reservoir to Tampines Ave 50.90 km-5 m-0.2%
Apex Tampines Ave 100.54 km3 m0.1%
Never Green0.94 km-7 m-0.1%
Pasir Ris Dr 34.40 km27 m0.3%
Elias to Riverina Sprint0.22 km-1 m-0.4%
Pasir Ris Drive 3 Climb1.12 km20 m1.7%
Pasir Ris Mosque Climb0.54 km13 m2.4%
Go Go Go0.92 km-25 m-2.6%
Loyang Ave > Changi V0.38 km-16 m-4.1%
Climbing Cranwell1.58 km-4 m-0.2%
Loyang Ave Climb 1 (CV)0.30 km4 m1.3%
Cranwell Road Sprint0.34 km4 m1.1%
Changi Loop1.88 km-9 m-0.1%
Netheravon Sprint0.25 km-1 m-0.2%
Winston Wong stretch0.25 km-6 m-2.2%
Green lights all the Way3.62 km-7 m-0.1%
Up Yonder1.85 km-2 m-0.0%
Aviation/TMC7.83 km-5 m-0.0%
Capt Woodys Wombat Rwy Sth10.00 km4 m0.0%
Nationals TTT 2017 Southbound5.07 km15 m0.0%
Flat out @ TMCR!4.26 km13 m0.1%
It's this way too!1.85 km2 m0.1%
RT Navy museum sprint1.13 km1 m0.1%
ECP Service Rd to Mac (Westbound)5.45 km-4 m-0.0%
RT 1.5km All out1.51 km-2 m-0.1%
West Bound East Coast Service Road GC - F32.25 km-14 m-0.3%
RT 1km towards City Sprint0.96 km2 m0.2%
westbound bridge to bridge1.62 km-16 m-0.5%
ECP Service Road inbound Sprint1.12 km4 m0.0%
Reverse RC to Myra0.30 km-2 m-0.2%
ECP Service Road - Lagoon to Last ECP Entrance (before One Way)4.83 km-5 m-0.1%
ecp round the bend1.20 km-14 m-0.4%
Cheeky Rolf0.83 km0 m0.0%
Guillemard Road Climb0.40 km81 m20.1%