Lost Park Traildonkey Adventure 9-27-14

Cycling Route

49.37 mi
2,444 ft
Open invite if you've got the legs, gear, and free time to pull it off. steve@rodeo-labs.com. CX bikes and MTB bikes would work for this ride, but mountain capable gearing is ideal either way (26t or even larger is ideal). Meet at Kenosha and start riding at 7:30. Depart from Denver at 6am.
Created By
Twinkie Fitzgerald
September 22, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
OLD VERSION - Kenosha East to Wilderness7.12 mi922 ft-1.3%
County Road 56 Climb0.98 mi354 ft6.8%
County Road 56 Decent1.46 mi492 ft-6.2%
CT: Rock Creek Rd to Rock Creek0.51 mi213 ft-7.3%
Colorado Trail Climb0.62 mi308 ft9.3%
Colorado Trail Climb1.74 mi335 ft3.6%
Colorado Trail Climb2.18 mi430 ft3.7%