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Rue de la Nes de Luxe

Ride Segment Pijnacker, ZH, The Netherlands
  • Distance0.24km
  • Avg Grade-0.7%
  • Lowest Elev-9m
  • Highest Elev-7m
  • Elev Difference2m
  • 39,528 Attempts By 10,281 People

Overall Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Maarten V. 16s
1 Tom de Vreede 16s
3 Rogier Potter van Loon 17s
3 Raymond Vermeulen 17s
5 Frank Beusekamp 18s
5 Rene Valstar 18s
5 Julian S. 18s
5 Peter Fils 18s
5 Marco Kerklaan 18s
10 Martin de Haan 19s

Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Marissa M. 21s
2 Sanne Noorlander 22s
3 Kim Van De Groenendaal 23s
4 Suzanne V. 24s
4 Helma Veenstra 24s
4 Suzanne Kuiper 24s
4 Ariane Smit 24s
4 Anne To V. 24s
4 Floortje C. 24s
4 Mieke R. 24s

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