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Grosvenor Rd, Lupus St lights to Claverton St lights, with room for rolling start and finish

Ride Segment City of Westminster, Greater London, UK, England, United Kingdom
  • Distance0.52km
  • Avg Grade1%
  • Lowest Elev3m
  • Highest Elev9m
  • Elev Difference6m
  • 1,186,091 Attempts By 119,027 People

Overall Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Ryan C. 32s
1 Emdad R. 32s
1 Tim Kerkhof 32s
1 Austyn Tusler 32s
1 Gpw C. 32s
1 Juan Pablo Riano Perez (Edwardes Team)🇨🇴 32s
1 Alice Bouchire 32s
8 Jules Jackson 33s
8 " The Bull ". 33s
8 Neil L. 33s

Women's Leaderboard

Rank Name Time
1 Alice Bouchire 32s
2 Kelli B. 33s
3 zoe phillips 36s
4 Kathryn C. 37s
5 Rosie Wallace 39s
5 Esme C. 39s
5 Abbi C. 39s
8 Francesca M. 40s
8 Lindsay A. 40s
8 Helen Dunn 40s

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